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  1. Yeah that would be one good trip, or San Fran
  2. Massive Thank You

    WOW,what a weekend,all you guys are just amazing,we should have sung to the Rams fans,sing when you're winning,but it wouldn't have been for long lol
  3. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    You probably know by now, but it is a Holiday Inn. Our reservations were honored. We will be there/ It will still be a very good hotel in a prime position, and from there it's just slight climb up the hill to the Green Man/Tailgate party. walked it many times.see you soon.
  4. Flash mob

    Unless it's a female
  5. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    I know,that's what you call progress !
  6. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    I think the Bakerloo Line is supposed to be the least effected of them all,as this is the last line for improvements ! but it's best to check it out on the Friday of the game weekend,
  7. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Me too,spending most of my time down the Town, will get a one day travel card, from near to my hotel,then getting to Hyde Park for the Flag game,then maybe to Traffalgar Square for NFL thing, then back to the hotel for a shower and a chil, before heading back to the Party for the rest of the evening,i think though that the last tube from piccadilly Circus is around 11:45pm ish! i could be wrong on that score,if i am it could have to be a taxi back to the hotel,although to be honest 11:45pm may be enough for me after a grueling Saturday! i need to be on it for Sunday!
  8. Ticket Updates

    Yeah that's ok with me,just want the tickets to arrive safely and not fall into the wrong hands,and have loads of hassle with the Royal Mail! and Wembley Stadium issuing new tickets,been there before!
  9. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Could be a good shout! sort it next week,your Ibis is one mile from our travel lodge,i have stayed there before.
  10. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Not just yet. But I know Chris (UTCIAD) was still looking to book his hotel. If he sees this they might still have that rate! It is very cheap, 15 pound each a night. Can't complain with that! We've booked our hotel, but staying out in North Finchley ....although at £31 a night would've been very tempting and our hotel did have a free cancelation. However it seems to be coming up a £75 a night at the moment. Just had another look,and the price has gone up for a twin room to £66 saver rate. But still cheaper than down Town!
  11. Ticket Updates

    Put it down your pants! it will be well worth the effort, with some great shots i'm sure! even some of the smallest cameras have interchangeable lenses now, (it could be a risk worth taking!)
  12. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Great,do you know of any more of us in here,still can't believe it was that cheap!
  13. Ticket Updates

    Just have to get the Pats cheerleaders to stay in that part of the ground
  14. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    Yeah James, i would like an XXL just to be sure!
  15. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Thanks for the heads up! Cancelled my reservation I had down Elephant & Castle and booked this instead! Half the price we were going to pay. Train is probably the cheaper option to get back after Saturday, will already have the passes too! At the price Danny,you can't do much better than that,at this late stage!,and the Stadium is a spit away,did you book one night or two!