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  1. Thanks guys. Pretty gobsmacked at winning if the truth be told as at the end up I had so many injured players that the side practically picked itself! Here's to next season.
  2. Can't get into the live draft, the load looks to be stuck at 90% or thereabouts. Tried it a few times now and does the same each time. Tested the system earlier today and it was fine. Anybody else having problems getting in?
  3. Not to mention that you enticed me into trading for that bust known as Donte Stallworth. You got off lucky there Stron.
  4. I would certainly love to go but I'll have to see how the soccer fixtures for next season fall, so I can't commit to anything until mid June.
  5. To everybody who is going - have a safe journey there and back, and have a great time, oh aye, and bring back the 'W'.
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