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  1. London 2018 Group booking

    Seahawks Raiders for me too if only to see the new stadium first hand
  2. Some of the pics from the cheerleaders visit to the flag football game have made it to the official NFL site http://www.nfl.com/photos/09000d5d813963f7...00d5d813963f7_1
  3. Wembley Ticket Applications

    so when exactly were you off to the Cayman Islands
  4. UKP Wembley Merchandise

  5. Wembley Ticket Applications

    Brilliant, well done and thx for organising - PM sent
  6. Pats V Buccs At Wembley Next Year!

    i think we can let Logan off. Having visited and stayed in Logan's home town in Northern Cal 'Mariposa' if you can call it a town had about 4 streets, two bars one of which was closed and so god knows what he thinks of Boston, let alone London must be a real culture shock
  7. Pats V Buccs At Wembley Next Year!

    a quote from the Patriots.com in an article on the post game quotes when it must have been initially announced "We're really excited the league chose us to play in London. We're interested in the globalization of our sport," Patriots owner Robert Kraft told reporters inside the New England locker room Monday afternoon. "I learned that our team … we've become the number-one team over there. Probably because of our name. We're the New England Patriots. We're going back to the mother country, for some," he joked, before continuing on a serious note. "We have a UK fan club that's pretty active and they've been coming here for a number of years. It'll be a lot of fun going over there." UK Pats go