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  1. Really looking forward to catching up with everyone, shame a few of my buddies won't be there this time but it's been a while since my last RT. Thanks to everyone who's worked to put everything into place
  2. Room booked for Sunday. Thankyou for sorting this Howard.
  3. Hi Howard thanks for your efforts, I am happy with The Courtyard also as long as they will take a one night booking.
  4. Is there any news regarding booking at Norwood yet please?
  5. Thanks to Howard and Tim for their efforts, We will only need the hotel for Sunday night and are happy to go with where the majority choose.
  6. Yeah count me in mate and thanks for doing this. I've sent you a PM
  7. I could be up for two tickets too
  8. Unfortunately booked hotel in Boston until Sunday morning so won't be able to attend, sorry guys.
  9. I've changed my choice from Texans to Bills, Texans will be my second choice.
  10. Think it's unlikely that I can do the Rams game
  11. I voted Texans next choice would be Bills
  12. Would rather see Tommy play but really don't want to see the Rams again or go in December. So it's looking like a Jimmy game for me.
  13. Count me in, Im happy to go with the majority on the venue.
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