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  1. Hey Ade are you trying to say Im a fat ba**ard lol? Seriously though dont mind where I play.
  2. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    One large please mate.
  3. After the pre-game party.....

    No way Im stopping at 10, party til you drop I say.
  4. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Did my application get through ok Ade?
  5. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Have I missed something????
  6. FF Contract Lg 2010

    How the f**k can I be 0-3 and bottom of the league with the second highest scoring total.................sucks!
  7. FF Contract Lg 2010

    No mate the draft is next Tuesday at 9.30pm and it was brought forward because you couldn't do it over the BH weekend
  8. FF Contract Lg 2010

    Thought Mo said that was the only one he couldn't do? 25th is no good for me anyhow, Wednesday is the only night in the week that my Daughter stays over and I don't want to spend time doing a draft when I should be spending time with her.
  9. Our Pre-wembley Party

    Yep was a night and weekend to remember for sure and one that I will never forget.
  10. The 09 Contract Bowl

    I'm not bigging up anyone mate, I'm too busy sulking about my team stinking all season.
  11. Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    Walmart would way too testing for that moron.
  12. Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    Matty and me after at least a few brewski's.
  13. Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    Ratser, it was good to meet you mate, hope my comments about your Lady's lovely hair colour weren't too embarrassing, if so apologies.
  14. Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    Graham, I agree with your comment on the lack of appreciation for Ade and James for all their hard work and how Chris wasn't invited up to meet Bob Kraft or even mentioned was simply staggering. I made the same comments during the party and am very disappointed with the overall speech by Bob Kraft that really didn't acknowledge UK Patriots at all. One other thing which we have avoided mentioning to date but nearly wrecked the night for some of us was the Neanderthal Patriots security guy who was the nastiest, bigheaded, aggressive piece of shit I have ever come across, you would think the Patriots would have got someone with a little class at the event instead we got some bald psychopath.... just poor.