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  1. We have some American members (Husky71, Bruschifan and others) who organise the tailgate for us when we go over; it takes place in the parking lot before the game (and any leftover beers get polished off afterwards while we wait for route 1 to clear a bit)
  2. Travel advice

    Looked on expedia, tried a few different combinations, in the 2 minutes it took to put my details in, on 3 separate occasions, coincidentally a price alert popped up with increased each price...and as a man of principle, I swiftly closed. When I searched again, the original price was still displaying. Disgusting. I'd be more impressed if I got to the check out and a price alert displayed with it being even cheaper. Ended up getting a good deal on the flight separately, and also got a good deal on the Hilton Doubletree on the 3rd night. Ended up grouping night 1 & 2 in some glorified hostel which claims it's a 4 start hotel, either way, saved a few $'s! In English please Expedia tried to screw him so he booked his flights and hotel separately and saved money but is slumming it for a couple of nights
  3. The chilli was particularly nice and certainly warmed us up a bit
  4. Echoing the above; great weekend with good friends. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make it happen.
  5. Current forecast for Sunday - High of 33, Low of 29, zero chance of precipitation
  6. 39? That'll be shorts and a T-shirt after the last week or so up here!
  7. Fantastic news Howard. Thanks for doing this; I suspect they may come in useful on gameday!
  8. Do we get a jumbotron message this year?
  9. Power supply not an issue for a laptop? I have a US-bought laptop; it ran fine plugging it into UK mains via an adapter. My British one charges fine over here with an adapter.
  10. Unless you have time to drive to New Hampshire where there's no sales tax on stuff like that. I bought my laptop and iPod in Concord, NH on the 2008 roadtrip
  11. Maybe, just for Warren, Tebow will be brought back?
  12. I'll look around on gameday but I doubt there'll be any substantial purchases