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  1. We have some American members (Husky71, Bruschifan and others) who organise the tailgate for us when we go over; it takes place in the parking lot before the game (and any leftover beers get polished off afterwards while we wait for route 1 to clear a bit)
  2. Travel advice

    Looked on expedia, tried a few different combinations, in the 2 minutes it took to put my details in, on 3 separate occasions, coincidentally a price alert popped up with increased each price...and as a man of principle, I swiftly closed. When I searched again, the original price was still displaying. Disgusting. I'd be more impressed if I got to the check out and a price alert displayed with it being even cheaper. Ended up getting a good deal on the flight separately, and also got a good deal on the Hilton Doubletree on the 3rd night. Ended up grouping night 1 & 2 in some glorified hostel which claims it's a 4 start hotel, either way, saved a few $'s! In English please Expedia tried to screw him so he booked his flights and hotel separately and saved money but is slumming it for a couple of nights
  3. Sounds like fun; I'd definitely be up for BUF away if we can get tickets.
  4. Massive Thank You

    Good to know you got back ok Howard
  5. Massive Thank You

    Is that all? I can't get escape from the image of him doing my wife! You have Beth to thank for that..it was her idea! Haha That surprises me; I was wondering what she made of you singing along really... Maybe she has a thing for #87?
  6. Massive Thank You

    It was a fantastic day and huge thanks are due to everyone who was a part of it; it was great to meet up with you all again. Hope to see a lot of you in Boston on next year's road trip
  7. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    I just got an e-mail from NFLUK (presumably everyone else did too) - the announcement of next year's game is due to be made tomorrow.
  8. Register For 2010 Wembley Games Now

    If the Pats come again, I would hope we could again arrange something via the fan club rather than general registration if the Pats aren't coming then I'm not bothered So all in all I haven't bothered registering
  9. So not a Paul Stewart (already over-inflated) ego-trip then?
  10. Can't see a rematch being practical anyway for anyone other than the London-based UK Pats
  11. What A Weekend

    Chuffed to bits for you Stu, so glad it went to someone who otherwise would probably not be able to get to a game - and very glad it went to a Brit rather than "Jim from Massachusetts" (or "Mark from Cheshire" )
  12. Nfl London Photos On Facebook

    Might be better done via PM rather than posting your e-mail address on a public forum. It's up to you but in the past we've advised against it just in case people start getting spammed as a result