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  1. Cheers for a superb weekend everyone i met and those i didnt. The game and result came in second to the amazing people i met and enjoyed this weekend with. Laughed so much and had a truly brilliant time. Thanks all that made it possible. Truly an amazing bunch and pleasure to call Patriots fans.
  2. Id change that to trying to blow Nick Halling. Only way he is going to get back in the Sky Sports studio again and even then they would blur out his shocking hair do. Please forgive me mods
  3. Im guessing this is the new UKPATS quiz so im going with: Neither of them was known to us. One says to the other : "I've just eaten ****." SPAM. When will the winner be announced ?
  4. I have to say i agree with them. A franchise in Europe or the UK is an absolute terrible idea. It will never work and for me should never even be discussed by the NFL front office. I would also add i dont like the idea of a second game coming to the UK , one of those games will see a very poor crowd and will lead to even more critism. Whilst i have very much enjoyed the three international games i dont think it has helped a great deal in expanding the NFL in the UK. As Keith has just mentioned what we need is more TV coverage as its the easiest way to pick up more fans. For me the thing that alot of US press get wrong is thinking we know very little about the game , the NFL is a small market over here that cant be disputed what can is how much fans over here know about the game. Oh and a thread was closed what i wanted to post in ala Paul Stewart. The guy has been and always will be a tool. He was shocking and laughable on Sky. Favre will be a Buc , the guy has the inside knowledge.
  5. Of course the NFL and NFLUK are going to try to make it a home atmosphere , as a team has given up a home game. For me thats prety simple logic and the right decision. Remember in the fixture list it still says home and away team , so therefor it should be kept as any other game. As for the first game im pretty sure the end zones were both Dolphin endzones and i got a green Dolphins towel with my programme. As for Elton John being made captain least me bro can feel hes a tad at a Watford game.
  6. A nice upgrade to best seat it the house
  7. Top notch SS. Was in BLK 121 for last years game and can safely say its a superb view , especially of the endzone.
  8. All i can say is he must have been one very nice man Be good to see ya once again fella.
  9. Was that from the seat you were suppose to be in or the seat you nicked from that kid in the second half
  10. Hopefully Ellis Hobbs isnt one of them then. Its great to know he does visit the site. Hopefully he'll gives us a hello sometime.
  11. Certainly came as a shock to me Was great to meet up with everyone. Nothing like enjoying a few beers whilst chatting about football
  12. Not sure bout the one one the right (cheerleader i mean). Suppose being a cheerleader as long as you have a body like baywatch you can get away with having a face like crimewatch.
  13. Sure will be interesting putting names to faces. As i dont wish to freeze me arse of like last year i have decided to go for a Patriots hoody instead of any jersey.
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