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  1. Plenty of time to arrange hotels and stuff etc. The dates don't work well for me this year, I doubt I'll be able to get the time off work for either game....
  2. Thanks Mark for the work done putting this together.
  3. Thanks again for arranging this Mark, just hope you can arrange the same as the last two out of three SB’s...
  4. It is the same bank details? I think I have them saved..
  5. No too late to book a flight, sort it out.....
  6. The pro shop isn't really that great tbh, the Brand 47 shop on Newbury street is far better, along with Olympus sports..
  7. Possibly, not 100% sure what our plans are for the Thursday yet though..
  8. Sure no problem, the more the merrier..
  9. The Red Hat yes we can go there, good shout. I think the 10 cent wings are just for Monday night, but it's still a cracking place to go....
  10. Or you can get the T to the nearest stop to Gillette and get an Uber to the stadium, or as close as you can get. Then get the bus home. Of a different note, Danny is due to get married next year (poor girl) so on the Friday (after the hockey) it will be his UKPatriots stag party. I was thinking maybe some sort of pub crawl? and then when he's too drunk to resist, throw him into a gentlemen's club....
  11. Time for a new tradition, I love Boston Beer works, especially the blueberry ale...
  12. Sounds good to me, I'm on the same flight as Wazza, a few others are on the same flight.
  13. Liam Gallagher is playing HOB, so a few of us will be there rather than any Saturday night thing..
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