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  1. Wow, as somebody whose dream it is to see a Pats game at Foxboro but has never been able to it beggars belief that having spent all that money and travelled all that distance you would behave in that way.
  2. Long flight! Longer swim!
  3. Flash mobs are where loads of people turn up at the same place and unexpectedly do something unusual right? Perhaps we could suggest our secondary tries it at the point of reception forcing an incompletion. Now that would be worth seeing.
  4. Agreed. Whatever it takes Ade. Just sorry it's more hassle for you with the back and forth.
  5. Didn't BB have a slight pop at the crowd last time saying they didnt know when to cheer or words to that effect?
  6. Seconded. Hope the beer shop isn't too far away, i would hate for you to miss too much of the game
  7. Seriously considering it. With just me and my boy going that's a difference of £132.50 which like Waspie said is a hell of a lot. Having said that the seats in 2009 were soooo good and worth every penny. Thanks to everyone who managed to obtain the child price by the way. Lets hope it encourages lots of young uns to attend and get hooked on this great game and the Pats in particular!
  8. I was waiting for word back form my brother and nephews regarding tickets but if its just a heads up at the moment i'll get the application to you by tomorrow Ade.
  9. Stu, do me a favour will you. Wont be able to make the Saturday shindig this time so if i send you some money will you get my lottery tickets for me
  10. Everybody avoiding The Green Man this time around i see.
  11. Sounds good Howard. We can discuss just how the reigning SB Champions maintained their perfect start to the season with a crushing win over the Rams. I had the pleasure of meeting you briefly in 09 over here but as yet have not been able to make a Roadtrip appearance. Look forward to welcoming you and Ben to the UK again.
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