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    Plenty, "Stand up if you hate the Jets" "Bill/Randy/Tom etc give us a wave ........" "Are you Dolphins in disguise" "There's only one Nick Halling" plus many, many more ...
  2. luckytucker

    Wembley Ticket Applications

    Ear infection in both ears eh? Sorry to hear that fella Imagine your best mate had that instead !!!
  3. luckytucker

    Wembley Ticket Applications

    Those sixteen are going to be very smug if its a downpour.
  4. luckytucker

    Staying In London

    I have just booked a single room en-suite at "The Green Man" which is right next to Wembley. Its costing me £198 for two nights but is right on the doorstep of all the events and i think it's very popular on gameday from comments on other threads.
  5. luckytucker

    Wembley Ticket Applications

    PM sent. Took ages to convince my bro, nephew and cousin that i wasnt winding them up about tickets Mind you still cant quite believe it myself. Excellent job guys and many many many thanks. Oh ive already booked my accommadation too - "The Green Man", right next to Wembley. Anybody else thinking of there???
  6. luckytucker

    Wembley Ticket Applications

    Need to speak to my bro and nephew to finalise how many tickets. Cant get them till this evening so will message then. Worst case scenario is one for little me Oh and what fantastic news. Definietely my favourite email received this year Many Thanks to all who made this possible ........
  7. luckytucker

    The Ticket Thread

    Does that include regular post padders??
  8. luckytucker

    Ukpatriots Tailgate

    Wonder what the record is for drunk fans sleeping a victory booze up off in a twin room??
  9. luckytucker

    Pats V Buccs At Wembley Next Year!

    Yay. Now all i need to worry about is how to get around my membership of the Communist Party, fear of flying, no Passport and criminal record.
  10. luckytucker

    Pats V Buccs At Wembley Next Year!

    Will there defineteley be a Roadtrip still next season??? Finally manging to get Mrs Lucky interested in the game and she loves the idea of going on one as she has family in Boston to visit with too. As fantastic as the Wembley game news is i would be gutted to finally, FINALLY, have the opportunity,finance,permission to roadtrip but then not have one to go on.
  11. luckytucker

    The Ticket Thread

    At lest 4 lucky tickets needed
  12. luckytucker

    Pats V Buccs At Wembley Next Year!

    Just got in. My nephew (a huge Tampa fan) called me in the car to tell me. ant believe it still
  13. luckytucker

    Road Trip 2008

    Yes. It always made me feel very uncomfortable when played. Instead of enjoying the moment all you could think about was that sicko and feeling that he may be getting some sort of satisfaction/financial reward form hearing it. As for comparing Freddie Mercury to Gary Glitter