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  1. Most definetely "Go raiders" The enemy of my enemy is my friend
  2. Some UK Pats will need bigger trees than others.
  3. Flash mob

    Flash mobs are where loads of people turn up at the same place and unexpectedly do something unusual right? Perhaps we could suggest our secondary tries it at the point of reception forcing an incompletion. Now that would be worth seeing.
  4. Ticket Updates

    Agreed. Whatever it takes Ade. Just sorry it's more hassle for you with the back and forth.
  5. Ticket Updates

    Didn't BB have a slight pop at the crowd last time saying they didnt know when to cheer or words to that effect?
  6. Ticket Updates

    Seconded. Hope the beer shop isn't too far away, i would hate for you to miss too much of the game
  7. Ticket Updates

    Can't you just resign instead?
  8. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    All done and dusted today. Thanks again Ade.
  9. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Seriously considering it. With just me and my boy going that's a difference of £132.50 which like Waspie said is a hell of a lot. Having said that the seats in 2009 were soooo good and worth every penny. Thanks to everyone who managed to obtain the child price by the way. Lets hope it encourages lots of young uns to attend and get hooked on this great game and the Pats in particular!
  10. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    I was waiting for word back form my brother and nephews regarding tickets but if its just a heads up at the moment i'll get the application to you by tomorrow Ade.
  11. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Stu, do me a favour will you. Wont be able to make the Saturday shindig this time so if i send you some money will you get my lottery tickets for me
  12. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Everybody avoiding The Green Man this time around i see.
  13. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Sounds good Howard. We can discuss just how the reigning SB Champions maintained their perfect start to the season with a crushing win over the Rams. I had the pleasure of meeting you briefly in 09 over here but as yet have not been able to make a Roadtrip appearance. Look forward to welcoming you and Ben to the UK again.
  14. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Priorities !!!!
  15. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    I will be bringing my 7 year old boy. It'll be a completely different experience from 09 ie. no saturday night party or dark o'clock drinking session after the game but it'll be just as enjoyable having him there enjoying the sights and sounds and hopefully being bitten by the bug and becoming a Pats fan for life like his daddy. I know there are one or two bringing kids of a similar age also.
  16. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Hurrah, fellow UKPatsfan at the Plaza!
  17. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    From experience in 2009, 1) every effort on members behalf is made 2) process could not be fairer or more organised To all involved (Ade especially) in what must be a very time consuming organisational nightmare a very big thank you for undertaking it again, regardless of outcome.
  18. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    If you like, i can donate a donate button.
  19. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Double room at the Wembley Plaza for me and my boy Saturday and Sunday night. Booked it last Friday minutes after the announcement and price was £104 a night!!!! Bit the bullet and booked because everywhere was filling up fast. It wouldve been about £40 cheaper with a no cancellation clause but as there's no guarantee of tickets thought i'd err on the side of caution.
  20. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    Snap! Plan to bring my 7 year old this time. He'll be so excited when i tell him! Like Mandy says it would be great if we could get a block of tickets like the Bucs game which was a phenomenal experience. Fingers crossed. Not being able to afford a roadtrip this is utterly brilliant news!!
  21. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    PM sent James.
  22. Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    It's always said that the Pats are so successful because of the quality of people running things on and off the field. Its quite apt therefore that our forum benefits in the same way. Thanks guys.
  23. Nfl London Photos On Facebook

    Do you realise how rare that occasion is?? Wow, to capture it on tape!
  24. Credit where credits due though. They did remember it was safer to give the Welsh their own area
  25. Cafe 2000

    Yup, i'll always remember sitting in there about 7am on Sunday chatting to a Redskins fan whilst looking out at Wembleys arch. We were the only two people in there and whilst he was demolishing a full english i was struggling to keep my painkillers down and drink a coffee. The owner was pure class Mandy. He came out and set the clock above the door ahead instead of back at first so we had to convince him it was the other way. Then he only put it back an hour instead of two and we all got completely confused until i phoned the speaking clock to sort it out and even then he wasnt convinced It was about another 4 hours before i could face anything to eat but when we did it was brilliant.