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  1. j_cuff

    NFL UK Live event tonight

    A couple of us are going to this tonight near Blackfriars and I have a spare ticket. Don't want any money but if you fancy it, message me.
  2. Well jel, wish I could make it. Been too long. Especially as Andy is making a RT return this year
  3. j_cuff

    Superbowl Party

    Good point
  4. j_cuff

    Superbowl Party

    Nice one Warren. SB&G Waterloo gets my vote. A lot nicer than Marylebone which Ade and Jay can attest to.
  5. j_cuff

    Songs ..

    Think they'd prefer it from London but, good shout. I'll ask.
  6. j_cuff

    Songs ..

    Does anyone have any video of us singing Welker Wonderland? The Patriots have asked for it to put out on social media closer to the holidays. The one they filmed at the flag football didn't come out well enough apparently.
  7. j_cuff

    UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    if it for teh pre game you tell james and he will allocate it to the waiting list people Sorted, thanks guys.
  8. j_cuff

    UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    If you haven't got tickets, get on Twitter and retweet this: @Patriots London bound? RT this in the next 2 hrs to win a pair of tix to the sold out @UKPatriots Saturday night party! #PatsInLondon You've got 90 minutes
  9. j_cuff

    Wembley Weekend overall Timetable

    The Patriots released the official schedule of events today
  10. Flags and game ball are sorted Damo
  11. 4? I've only been back in Cardiff 10 months
  12. Any of the four Bodeans restaurants and any of the two Sports Bar & Grills are a good place to start guys.
  13. j_cuff

    NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    From Wembley FAQs Is there anywhere to leave luggage or bags? No. Unfortunately due to security measures we do not provide a Left Luggage or property service.