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  1. Songs ..

    Think they'd prefer it from London but, good shout. I'll ask.
  2. Songs ..

    Does anyone have any video of us singing Welker Wonderland? The Patriots have asked for it to put out on social media closer to the holidays. The one they filmed at the flag football didn't come out well enough apparently.
  3. Where? Sports Cafe, Haymarket, London. Nearest tube stations Piccadilly Circus (Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines) & Charing Cross (Bakerloo and Northern lines). When? 6-10pm, Saturday 27th October How much? £10. Half price to those who kindly donated at least £5 per ticket when purchasing their Gameday tickets through us. What do I get for that? Entry to the best party in town. Entry to a Patriots prize draw. Last time we had .. Cheerleaders, Mascot, Alumni and Bob Kraft. No promises this time, but expect "something similar". How do I get in? By ticket only! UKPatriots members will get priority allocation. Invitations will be sent by email to each qualifying memebrship category. Please make sure that your UKP profile email address is up to date to avoid missing out. Is this strictly for Patriots fans? I may not be a full Patriots fan, but I do like them. It is a Patriots party, and we are pre-selling to Patriots fans. We do, however, realise that Pats fans in the UK may want to come with friends who might not yet seen the light. So If a Pats fan wants to bring one non-Pats friend, that's fine by us. Is it Patriots colours only ? Almost .. Red Sox will be allowed of course. BC Eagles maybe. No other NFL team and no soccer team please. And absolutley NO NYY caps - You will be escorted round the corner and thrown into the Trafalgar Square fountains! How many tickets are for sale? What are the chances of the event selling out? There are approx. 400 tickets. We expect it to be a sell-out. We will be pre-selling around 150 to UKPatriots members who bought their gameday ticket through us and then to other UKPatriots members in priority of length of service, post count etc. We are expecting Patriots FCOR groups to take around 150. That leaves a further 100 which may be reserved for collection/payment at the door. Will the tickets be posted or will my name and guest name be on a list? Any pre-paid tickets to UK addresses will either be mailed to you, or they can be left for collection at the door, as you prefer. Reserved tickets that are not pre-paid will need to be collected at the door. You will need your name, and a photo ID. How is payment to be made , do you accept paypal? No Paypal. We will take pre-payment by UK bank transfer for UK-based gamdeday ticket holders only. Everyone else is "Cash on Collection". If I apply for tickets how soon before I know if I have been succesful? We've only just annouced this, so any of the early ticket applications will be OK so far. You will receive an email confirmation together with details of how to collect tickets. My son is travelling from the US with me. He's 13. Can I get a ticket for him? Due to licensing laws, no under-18s will be allowed. Can I pay in USD? Yes, it's $15. Do you take Credit Cards? Not for tickets, no. It will be CASH ONLY at the door. . Will Patriots merchandise be available to purchase on the night? There will be some great Pats Merchandise as raffle prizes. Your ticket will provide you with an automatic entry into the grand raffle prize, but you will also be able to buy further raffle tickets on the night. The Patriots cheerleaders will be in attendance and they will be signing and selling their calendars. Do I need ID? We are advising EVERYBODY to bring photo-id with them. This is for proof of age and is also necessary for anybody collected pre-booked tickets at the door. When will tickets be sent out? Any UKPatriots gameday ticket holder who also purchase party tickets will behave their party tickets sent out with gameday tickets the week .. planned shipping date is Wednesday 10th October. We will be too busy in the week running up to the game to take any further payments after next Friday, but will still take reservations for collection at the door up until midnight on Sunday 20th. When can I collect them? There will be a collection window on both the Friday and Saturday (23rd/24th). Times are to be confirmed. Is this the whole Sports Cafe being shut off, or just the "team room"? The whole venue is booked for our exclusive use until 9.30pm
  4. Hi guys, Some of you might remember that I designed a t-shirt for the game in 09. I've come up with the following design for this year's game. It's a bit rough at the moment but before I continue, I wanted to gauge interest. It'll have more info on it like Wembley, the date and the UKPatriots logo of course. Can you please let me know if you would like one and what size. I'm guessing they'll cost no more than £15. Thanks James
  5. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    if it for teh pre game you tell james and he will allocate it to the waiting list people Sorted, thanks guys.
  6. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    If you haven't got tickets, get on Twitter and retweet this: @Patriots London bound? RT this in the next 2 hrs to win a pair of tix to the sold out @UKPatriots Saturday night party! #PatsInLondon You've got 90 minutes
  7. Wembley Weekend overall Timetable

    The Patriots released the official schedule of events today
  8. Flags and game ball are sorted Damo
  9. 4? I've only been back in Cardiff 10 months
  10. Any of the four Bodeans restaurants and any of the two Sports Bar & Grills are a good place to start guys.
  11. NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    From Wembley FAQs Is there anywhere to leave luggage or bags? No. Unfortunately due to security measures we do not provide a Left Luggage or property service.
  12. NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    Quite a few do. Mostly interchange stations though. Wembley Park certainly doesn't.
  13. Ha, no worries. It's a lot of text
  14. A few simple inquries re our trip to London

    Easy peasy Howard. If you take the Jubilee Line from Wembley Park, change at Green Park to the Piccadilly Line and get off at Knightsbridge you'll be in Harrods within 30 minutes. Then to get to the synagogue take the Piccadilly line at Knightsbridge, change at Holborn to the Central Line and get off at Liverpool St. Again, it's about a 30 minute journey but you'll have to walk about 5-10 mins to get to Bevis Marks. However, the Blueprint cafe is a bit of a trek. At least 30 mins walk from Bevis Marks. Nice walk across Tower Bridge though.
  15. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    F3K is in West Kensington. Bit of a trek from central. Worth hanging about in the West End. Plenty of places in the West End Highly recommend The Diner on Carnaby St. But let's head back over there to discuss alternative places to go. This thread is for people who are attending the party and have questions.
  16. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    Cash only please as per FAQs above.
  17. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    Cool. Apologies for being short in my response. Didn't realise you meant Patriots related events. Looks like it's all sorted now. Just to note that the party will finish at 9.30pm and the doors will be opened to the public. I'd imagine most people will be hanging around for a while.
  18. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    You won't be able to 'pick up' tickets on the day. You're on the 'wait list'. Any successful wait list applicants will be notified on the Friday. 'Knocked back'? Sorry mate. You mean informed people who applied for tickets to a limited event too late that they weren't successful? As for where people can go, there's about three million pubs, restaurants, theatres, museums and cinemas in London. Lots to do.
  19. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    Might have sold out by now. If not, very close. Haven't checked total 'applications' and allocated tickets. Worth following the application process as even if we are sold out we will have a wait list for any returns. Details here: http://www.patriots.com/games-and-stats/game/2012/regular8/
  20. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    Thanks guys. Really happy with it. Panicked a bit that I got the date wrong though
  21. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    Here's the final design on the visual proof that I signed off today. Should get them this weekend so will post pics of the t-shirts then.
  22. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    The final t-shirt order is in and paid for. 50 ordered so some of you will have a 'limited edition' t-shirt next week If you haven't paid yet, then I didn't order you a t-shirt. Apologies for the short notice of the payment details email and PM but I'm not going out of pocket I'm afraid. Final t-shirt order: James in Wales x1 patriotsjay x2 Ted the Elder x1 Swindon Patriot x1 Rat Noir x1 d_loughran292 x1 aldopatriot x1 locke x1 Patsfanuk x1 stanley morgan x1 rob @foxboro x1 Tommo x1 WelshLancsPat x2 David x2 Jaco x1 Bristol Pat x3 Keithj x1 papa lazarou x3 husky71 x4 Wycombe Patriot x1 mablc001 x1 Warren x1 StephenRhys x2 patman x2 Stumaloo x3 Josh_1702 x1 Italian Stallion x2 AndyWales 54 x1 wilfork for food x4 Secret Seagull x3