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  1. i am looking at getting to a playoff game, subject to getting tickets- how hard will it be? how expensive will it be?
  2. UKPatriots Tailgate Party (@GBTP, Green Man Hotel, Wembley)

    Hanging THAT calendar up would bring bad luck in my house whatever time of year I hung it up! second that ade my better half would kill me, my son said to me at the party "shall we get mammy a calender?" "i doubt she would want one" was my reply lol are you sure he didn't say " shall we get a mammory calendar"
  3. Cupcakes

    yup, that looks like our Kitchen after Yvette has made Cupcakes.
  4. Cupcakes

    Cupcakes!! Cheerleaders!! where?? i missed both.....
  5. Massive Thank You

    To all contributors,- be they Mods, regulars, newbies, overseas friends,this weekend proves one thing- UKPatriots rocked the foundation of true football fans. be red, white and blue, be proud!
  6. UKPatriots Flag Football Official Enquiries

    Fence-sitter North, definately....the shadowy side of the fence....
  7. 'Train' to perform Pre Game Show

    Aahhh- "Drive By" i know, but the rest may as well be new releases......
  8. 'Train' to perform Pre Game Show

    my reaction too!!
  9. Fullers Brewery Tour. Registery of Interest

    Wandsworth never smelled soo good!, worked in the brewery a few times, there was a sad atmosphere towards the end, even the wonderful Shire horses were hanging their heads. i was surprised to see they kept Donkeys there too!
  10. Patriots Pre Game Party

    thats correct.
  11. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Details are being worked on at the moment with the Patriots Organisation. As soon as everything is finalised an announcement will be made here. keep watching...
  12. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    believe me Tim, your mum should've waited.........
  13. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Getting on Mrs Laz' good side, simples.... take one box of Krispy Kreme(assorted) a cocktail bar in Paris full of free Kirs and Cosmo's, and Tom Brady in a City kit. job done.