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  1. specialbruschidave

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Squish the Fish!! for me.
  2. specialbruschidave

    2016 Roadtrip - vs Bills - official application thread CLOSED

    Speedy recovery Dave. rest up.
  3. specialbruschidave

    2016 Roadtrip - voting COMPLETED

    Changed my mind- Dolphins on the 18th sept- Preceeded by Springsteen at foxboro on the 14th!!!
  4. specialbruschidave

    RT Flags and banners

    Nothing left here, just a couple of bucs flags and the small sail.
  5. specialbruschidave

    RT Flags and banners

    I'll look through the old stuff tonight, if has been used in the last 3 years it should be out in circulation.
  6. specialbruschidave


    No,just because It was Miami.
  7. specialbruschidave

    2015 Roadtrip planning and discussion thread

    Hope its not one of the first four games- going to be tough viewing.......
  8. specialbruschidave

    2015 Week 17 @ MIA

    Hell Yeah! best way to spend my birthday! then some time in the Keys....i'll look into it now.
  9. specialbruschidave

    2015 Week 17 @ MIA

    Are you going out for new year Ade?
  10. specialbruschidave

    2015 Roadtrip planning and discussion thread

    Another skiing trip then Ade If we were to stay at the Swiss Inn in vermont after the game, the owner is an Eagles season ticket holder, and the bar is named "The Eagles Nest".............that could be a lot of fun!
  11. specialbruschidave

    2015 Roadtrip planning and discussion thread

    We don't have a good win record at home openers- (Cardinals was the last one) The balance needs redressing!
  12. Mandy- dont sacrifice a Foxboro game for a road game again
  13. specialbruschidave

    Road trip 2014

    http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/extra_points/2014/05/some_patriots_fans_unhappy_over_loss_of_longtime_s.html That sucks bigtime!
  14. specialbruschidave

    Road trip 2014

    Bloody hell!! was it that long ago......must be getting old...
  15. specialbruschidave

    Road trip 2014

    We haven't seen the Bears at home since Roadtrip 2009- what a good game that was- lets do it again! Then again, Detriot a few days before their Thanksgiving game sounds inviting too!