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  1. Anyone got tickets tomorrow then?
  2. 113 i think mate. What about you?
  3. I shall be there, is everyone getting the train?
  4. I'll be at the green man saturday and sunday both before and after the game. Feeling my McCourty jersey on saturday and Randy Moss on sunday. Apologies in advance.
  5. Of course, and after the game. I'm going to Bring some pride back to #81 and roll out a Randy Moss jersey. Im behing one of the EZs, cant remember which block.
  6. Who is going this weekend? What jerseys are you all wearing?
  7. I'm going to the 49ers game, couldn't get the tickets i wanted for the Steelers/Vikes so we get to see 49ers obliterate the Jags.
  8. Better get started, they left him behind.
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000085492/article/new-england-patriots-prep-for-london-game Coach says we arent really a football crowd. Also Chung, Gregory and Hernandez are rumoured not to have travelled.
  10. Holiday Inn! The building with the St. Georges cross on! Whatever it is called, im sure i'll bump into a few of you.
  11. So there's going to be quite a few of us at the Plaza then.
  12. Wouldn't that take a lot of balls? Balls brave or balls balls? I'm sure Hanks meant Balls, Balls We couldn't all be spiking one ball after all. Perhaps he should have added a smilie after his post Tanking it in turns?
  13. Wouldn't that take a lot of balls? Balls brave or balls balls?
  14. I'm now told the Green Man's main bar will be open until 1am on the Saturday.... Wonderful, few drinks before bed.
  15. After the pre-game party? After the pre-game party? (I mis-read the topic for that one...) The Green Man is open very late on the Saturday, but after the pre-game party you might have missed the 'snail' racing by then....!.... I probably won't be checking out the Green Man this year as Pats events take priority on the Saturday and I want some sleep before Pats Sunday. Of course after the Pats pre-game party. Im staying in the Wembley Plaza so i have to go back that way anyway. Usually open till late and full of people so thats why im heading there.
  16. Anyone going to be heading towards the Green Man afterwards?
  17. Didnt get an email but was aware this was happening.
  18. Well theres me and 2 others, all 22, im the only one on this site. We reside in Liverpool/Bolton/Newcastle respectively but are all from weymouth.
  19. Does anyone know how much parking is at the Green Man? Iv'e emailed them a couple of times but havent heard back.
  20. Im staying at the one next to the Ibis, is it the Plaza? Saturday and Sunday nights.
  21. Sorry if this has been asked, can we pay using paypal?
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