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  1. Best Seats at Gillette

    The "best" seats at Gillette depend on whet you are looking for. My seats are in Sec 306, Row 11, on the goal line. We see the plays developing but don't have a feel for the speed and physicality of the game, but at my age it's getting tougher every year to see what's happening at the other end of the field. The lower you go the more you can feel the speed and physicality better but might lose your down-field perspective if you are too low. FWIW, my suggestion would be to keep away from the corners and if you get access to the 100s down low don't take them.
  2. Hello Dannyh1991. Welcome to the MB. The UKPatriots travel to Gillette Stadium annually. They have a maximum number of tickets allocated to their needs. To be considered for the opportunity to become part of the Roadtrippers you have to be formally enrolled on this site (I believe Jaco is the contact for that), and you must participate on a regular basis in the discussions here. You should go to the 'events' section of the MB and see more about the annual Roadtrip and who goes to individual games. Have fun here during your stay.
  3. Gameday Questions

    Being a Sunday night, and an early arriving crowd (presuming the weather is good), the lots might just open a bit earlier than 4pm. It's happened a couple of times in the past and could happen again. If the weather is good I would allow 2 hours from Boston, but if the weather is snowy or freezing rain, coming from Boston might be 3+ hours. Obviously the weather will be a factor. Liam - My son and I have traveled from Randolph, MA only 18 miles away and over our 25 years as STMs some games (especially recently) have taken us as long as an hour. Massachusetts drivers don't do well once precipitation hits the windshield. The opening of the parking lots is not controlled by the Kraft Organization but by the Massachusetts State Police. The amount of the back-up on Route 1 is more often than not the determining factor. As far as the Hall of Fame is concerned, plan on a minimum of 4+ hours. I would suggest going on the Saturday before the game which would serve 2 purposes: 1) you will have the necessary time to see all of the exhibits (make sure to take in the movie) and 2) it will familiarize you with Boston drivers and the route to Gillette Stadium. Have a great time. Keep me posted about your plans. Howard
  4. To the Canadian crew - Unfortunately Ben and I won't be able to go to Cleveland. After running in 10 - 1/2 marathons over the past many years, Ben has decided to run his 1st full marathon in Chicago the Sunday of the Cleveland game.
  5. Danny, Paul, Ben and I have already been considering to go to the Browns game as well and we have already decided to take in the Hall of Fame in Canton. You are more than welcome to tag along, as long as our car isn't full. At the rate I'm seeing Cleveland and Canton mentioned in the same breath, looks like we are looking at a van. Once the schedule comes out, let's talk.
  6. My seats are in sec 306. I paid $94/seat for the 1st game and $120/seat if the AFC Championship Game is played at GIllette. I pay $89/seat during the regular season. I don't know what other seat locations paid for playoff tickets so use my cost only as a guide. BTW, availability will be whole other question.
  7. Let me know your schedule and maybe we could meet-up. I'm a Season Ticket Holder so that's why waspie referred to me as 'our resident ambassador on hand'. My son and I are going (as usual) and we have 2 friends joining us, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a small pre-game tailgate might be in order. I'll let you know more details in plenty of time.
  8. Vangelis, If all works out with the rain I will be attending the game with my wife. We should be getting to the stadium by 10:00am. I have your cell phone #. I'll touch base with you maybe on Saturday, but most definately on Sunday. Are you taking the train to the game or driving? Patriots80, I'll PM you my cell # as well.
  9. Maybe we can get together. Let me know when you arrive and when you are leaving Boston and where you are staying..
  10. Obviously I will see all the RTers at the Browns game, but if anyone is coming to GIllette Stadium to any other game, please let me know ahead of time and maybe we can set up a get-together either before or after the game.
  11. NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    Patman - SBach71 and I have already been in touch with each other.
  12. Massive Thank You

    Glad you are home safely Howard, hope the family is well too. Ben and I are totally exhausted. Luckily, the homes of neither Ben nor I suffered any damage. The rain was minimal (compared to NY, NJ or CT) but it was very windy for a while. We consider ourselves very lucky. Thanks again to you and the rest of the crew for nothing less than a fantastic time. I can't wait for next season's RT.
  13. Massive Thank You

    Ben and I finally arrived home last night. Our stay in London was exactly what was expected - just fantastic - from the time we arrived to the time we departed for home. I can't thank the UKPatriots from across the pond enough for being the friends you all have become over the past 8+ years. We could never have enjoyed our trip without the UKP events on Friday night. Saturday night and of course sitting with everyone at the game on Sunday. I think Ben and I can safely say that, even after our 21 seasons as STHs, we have never enjoyed such a fun-filled game-time experience. We hope everyone got home safely. 2009 - 2012 - 2015??
  14. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    We have rescheduled on Tuesday from Heathrow to Detroit to Boston. 12+ hours door to door.
  15. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    Ben and I arrived this am and Warren picked us up at Heathrow as planned and we are at the Holiday Inn across from Wembley Stadium. Mark - Warren has the package.