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  1. Massive Thank You

    The apartment sure was quieter once Daniel left. He never did answer that question : "Danny - do you want to be..." ;-) I'd like to thank everyone who gave up their time to organise a great weekend.
  2. Thanks guys. I'll order online and hope it gets here by wednesday.
  3. Can i go to a regular ticket machine at any tube/train stations and buy an Oyster Card?
  4. Volunteers wanted

    We have been contacted by a group called New England Sports Tours who would like to know if there are any of our members with free time on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th October between 9AM and 10AM who would be interested in going along to their hotel in Kensington to welcome them and offer some insight into London and answer any questions they may have. We done something similar in 2009 and they were a lovely group and very appreciative. They are willing to compensate you for your time. They are also having a rally there on the sunday between 11AM and 1PM and are on the lookout for a few people to talk to their guests for a few minutes. Once i get more details about what they want to talk about i'll post on here. This is a great chance to enhance the good reputation of the UkPatriots and meet more fellow Patriots fans. If you are interested send me a Personal Message and i'll give you more info. Thanks in advance Jaco
  5. UKPatriots Flag Football Official Enquiries

    Go on then. If the Gower Street boys need another body i'll give it ago this year
  6. Damien, can you take my name off the list please. I can't commit 100% about going so it would probably be best to say i'll not be able to make it. Thanks.
  7. FF Contract Lg 2010

    I've sent out an e-mail to everyone last night. If you haven't received it could you please PM me. Thanks
  8. FF Contract Lg 2010

    What prize money? Congratulations on winning and bringing the title to the correct side of Hadrian's Wall
  9. Spare Ticket At Bodeans

    You weren't on the original list? Shame on you Chris I'll echo what has been said - it's a great night. I'm half hoping it snows again. Snowballs on Tower Bridge anyone
  10. Back In Scotland :(

    It was great to meet you both and glad you had a safe journey home. I was so depressed sitting on the train from Glasgow to Prestwick, knowing it was all over so quickly. What were the chances of the 5 of us meeting in the Reebok store on monday?!?!
  11. Cafe 2000

    Well if you got out your bed earlier you would have enjoyed some of the sausage, bacon, eggs and toast washed down with tea or coffee that our resident Garry Rhodes rustled up It was better than the omlette scrambled eggs i made on the saturday night / sunday morning
  12. Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    Hi Stu. It was good to meet you over the weekend. You must have been the happiest guy in London - and that's before the raffle Congratulations Hope to see you at any Superbowl party
  13. Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    We all rushed back from the Fulham game when we were told you got lucky. Imagine our disappointment when we get back and there's just 3 blokes playing cards I've got a picture of Matt holding the receipt from that night in Bodeans
  14. Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    Susan - there is nothing wrong with your post. Don't worry An American voice in the UkPats section said "way to go Tampa. Establish the run." This may not be the same comment you refered to, but it was said most sarcastically as the game (as a contest) was finished. As Andy said, i seen plenty of people - including "VIP Americans" enjoying our chants. But everyone has, and is entitled, to their own opinions. I enjoyed that game as much (if not more) than the games i've been to in America. Mind you, there's no way any tailgate was going to come close to the ones we are treated to at Gillette
  15. Love the picture of him and "TJ" (who he? - oh that's right, they're old friends )