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  1. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    for those down on the saturday. it was mentioned with Martyn that he wanted to come along and watch the football with me. wealdstone got a nice home draw in FA throphy either ebbsfleet or warrington town. if anyone is in town and wants to watch some crappy affordable football drop me a message. ground is easy to get to from central via met line
  2. a load of us went to denver a few years ago it was ok id rather go to florida and have a bit of sun etc but all depends when game is etc and what you wanna also do
  3. Gameday Questions

    small tip dont shop in proshop go to olympic sports in patriot place. they had a lot nicer stuff. TBH the proshop has gone downhill a lot and needs a rethink if i was patriots organisation. i cant imagine trying to only shop on match day there
  4. Travel to Boston

    i dont think i have ever been to boston and had an issue at passport control and waited hours. its not JFK.
  5. might be a good game. have never been to twickers if a decent priced ticket comes up might go
  6. Travel to Boston

    depends where your flying from all airlines have deals on but early season is more expensive than mid season onwards for obvious reason
  7. Travel advice

    try edream or kayak
  8. Yale @ Harvard

    would love to experience a college game but not sure this is one of them someone sell it to me
  9. body of baywatch face of crimewatch
  10. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    if there is a pic from the party you may think is the owner email it to james he may know whos it is
  11. Massive Thank You

    taken from UKNFL forum Originally Posted by redskins1982 (noticed a group of pats fans in level 1 rams sideline in the corner i could here them in level 5 on opp side and there was not masses of them)
  12. Massive Thank You

    never heard anyone say the highlight is meeting blowe!! glad you had a great time
  13. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    David Tossell ‏@David_Tossell For those asking, both #NFLLondon teams were able to fly this morning. The NE Patriots' landing destination to be determined during flight
  14. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    did you not get a pic?