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  1. i am sure Mandy will be in contact with the club to see whats available. as im sure you will know no one knows if any fans will be able to go to games and i am sure Mandy will update us when she know what is available
  2. tbh the starts this weekend playing a team with weapons but hope to expliot the qb teams we have played have been awful truly awful. like the PL the top few teams are great and the rest are weak and in it for the cash
  3. i have booked a double room if anyone is looking to share for the thursday night
  4. we are in section 112 if you get a ticket
  5. as i have told you i dislike TNF. games normally too one sided but ill be there
  6. For the last three years we have gone to the same lot to meet the guys so I would guess they will be there again Thursday night
  7. normally meet at the hotel at 8am and leave to get into the parking lots for the 9am opening good luck getting into a bar near the ground. remember the ground isnt in boston so its very isolated in some way. in some ways the tailgate is as good as the game in my view. miss the tailgate for a football your miss out on a major part of going to an NFL game
  8. great stuff nice to have 2 different views of the games. shame we are not together for the miami game
  9. howard i doubt people will stay there sat thru till friday morning
  10. phil travel you have to do yourself. normally we stay in the same hotel nearish teh stadium it makes it easier for game day when we all travel down togther what people normally do is spend a few days in boston then on sat go down to the hotel in norwood. there are normally a friday night meetup its a good way for new peopel to meet everyone but every year is different. as we have 2 games as an option people might travel on sat to boston then spend the few days between the games in teh city catch maybe a hockey game all depends whats on. the trip is what you make of it all we do as a club in facilitate tickets and maybe have tailgate.
  11. Great work as normal can fly sat and out in Fri on norwigian air for 318 that is so so cheap
  12. for those down on the saturday. it was mentioned with Martyn that he wanted to come along and watch the football with me. wealdstone got a nice home draw in FA throphy either ebbsfleet or warrington town. if anyone is in town and wants to watch some crappy affordable football drop me a message. ground is easy to get to from central via met line
  13. last year they didnt stay open for the late sat game which we happen to be playing in
  14. martyn ill take you. when you say old stadium its very basic but your mostly likely get to meet the raider!!!
  15. martyn the might wealdstone are due to be home that day if you wanna join me fir some real football
  16. yeah will be one. im sure mr jubb will let us know the arrangements come jan. i think you already know the date!!!
  17. i land at 6pm. im not sure where the others im staying with will be or where this place is etc. i might pop in to say hello and maybe a drink.
  18. there are better shops at patriot place selling pats gear im going to the shops upstairs before pro shop first. i suggested to the proshop to do click and collect they said no. they dont stock everything they show on the website pin is a must
  19. your most likely need a VPN. you would if you were using sky go. im sure BT adopt the same rules but then again its scottish football im not sure the demand is out there for the US market
  20. i only land at 6pm on that day. ill join you once get to town
  21. not sure what you mean btw what flight you on!!!
  22. i am to fly in thursday to let us know
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