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  1. To UK fans the Razor is like a "home from home!"
  2. I do not know how relevant this is for you guys but it seems the Yanks want $14 dollars each for entering the US. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100807/tuk-c...us-6323e80.html
  3. Adiedee


    Sounds like a great idea (if I could afford it etc.) Especially as Chicago is a Twin City of Birmingham!
  4. Will I be able to post my daily quiz scores?
  5. Just had a quick couple of inches dropped on Sunny Brum! Snow has now stopped, but my daughters school is sending them all home as I write!
  6. We are going to start the "anti Revolution" and reclaim the Americas for the Queen!
  8. Have a safe trip home and enjoy the rest of the season!
  9. It wont be very Sunny by kick-off!
  10. The Patriots version of the Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover?
  11. You will probably diss this suggestion, but I prefer a nice Drambuie!
  12. That chant was started by the Super Blues "Birmingham City"! Another of our great chants gets universal!
  13. A nice hello to our new member from North O' the Border! I have instructed my "wall" to let you past! (I think you can guess my 1st name?)!
  14. I have voted proud. He has never made too much about his "sexuality". I.e he is not "only famous" for being Gay, like some people. As a Christian, I do not like homosexuality (both genders), but that is between him and God. It is also no mor eof a sin than, getting drunk, lusting after your neighbours wife, etc. I am against "practising homosexuals" having positions in the Church, but that also goes for practising alchoholics et al. Other than that it is upto themwhat they do in their own time.
  15. Adiedee


    I'm offended that I am not on that list (Yes I rarely top the figures but that aint the point!)
  16. Having met you at the Green man last year, I think you could be the ball! Only Kidding stumaloo!
  17. I am a little taller than you, but likewise I suffer "Ducks Disease" (Short legs, long body) as my footie coach used to say (he included himself in that description)!
  18. "AD's gonna getcha AD's gonna getcha" Personally I like "ADie Dee's gonna getcha". I wonder why?
  19. My update. I will be looking for TWO tickets. After having discussions with the wife, she feels it would be too difficult for her to go to the game. So we are looking to possibly have a few days down in London, with me and the bab going to the match. I certainly do not want to do what I did this year (drive there and back the same day) I was sure starting to get tired on the last stretch of the journey home!
  20. Hi Paul, welcome to the site. I look forward to seeing you guys next October!
  21. Hi there ganggggg. I would be looking for me +1 atleast. (Probably would not need more though)
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