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About Me

Pats -   Sox -  Seagulls -  Tigers   -  Sharks -  Cherry 'n' Whites.  


Living: Sussex

Working: Soho, London (in I.T.)  

Born in Brighton, raised in Gloucester and S.Wales.

Wife, Kids, Cat and Chickens.

I started looking for Pats' results in about '87. Like many people, I chose them purely because of the word "England".  I started following the game so that I could join in office conversation with a few 49-er and Dolphin fans, and wanted to pick someone different just to generate a bit of banter. In those days, any news was rather hard to come by, so it was only a part-time interest really.  

Wanting to know more about this "New" England, I read a bit and thought I'd better go see if for myself, so made my first Boston trip with the "new" wife in October 1990. In between leaf-peeping and shopping, I caught my first "live" TV game (our only win that season) on a TV in a shopping mall in Sagamore. By the end of our next NE trip a couple of years later, I was hooked, on New England the place, the team, and the whole Drew Bledsoe story. When they made the SB XXXI, I watched in disbelief as the rubbish team I had taken to heart actually made the last day of the season. I was happy with just a post-season appearance, so if I'm honest, I wasn't too upset at the expected loss to Favre & co. At least we made it.  When they were finally crowned after XXXVI, the surprise, the manner of the journey, and the pure joy of that SB run is something that will remain forever.  It really was a Beautiful Day!

The many aspects of the different NE states have become a favourite holiday destination of ours, and we remember each holiday by how old the kids were each time. My first visit to Foxoboro (old stadium) was the day of Tuna Bowl III, a Monday night game that was a complete disaster for the Pats, as Parcells and Curtis Martin had our number on national TV. Which actually made my next visit to the (new) stadium even more pleasant, because it was the Jets again, who we beat in a low-scoring poor-weather game. Rich (Thirdman) organised tickets through this forum, and so the UKPatriots road-trip was born! We met Paul (Bruschifan) who introduced us to the art of tailgating, and came across the legendary meatballs for the first time. Spicy Meatballs are, of course, now legendary, and a top highlight of any road-trip.  

Until this board came along, I hadn't met any other Pats fans in the UK. Then along came the first NFLUK SuperBash, where I was pleasantly surprised to meet other people in Pats shirts, including Matt Ringsell, who helped acquire "the flag", which has now become our UKPatriots banner. This board had only just started up then, and it was one of the SuperBash I party-goers who first mentioned it to me ("Robby the Pat" where are you now?).  

This forum is a wonderful place, and I am delighted to have met so many people that I can now call "friends" through this medium.  

Best Pats moment : AV of course, SB XXXVI. A Beautiful Day. smile.gif

Worst Pats moment : SB XLII. The hurt will remain until it's won again.  

Fav Pats game : The Raiders "Snow Bowl" AFC Divsional game

Fav player all time : Ben Coates

Fav current player : Wes the Wonderful