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About Me

Pats -   Sox -  Seagulls -  Tigers   -  Sharks -  Cherry 'n' Whites.  


Living: Sussex

Working: Soho, London (in I.T.)  

Born in Brighton, raised in Gloucester and S.Wales.

Wife, Kids, Cat and Chickens.

I started looking for Pats' results in about '87. Like many people, I chose them purely because of the word "England".  I started following the game so that I could join in office conversation with a few 49-er and Dolphin fans, and wanted to pick someone different just to generate a bit of banter. In those days, any news was rather hard to come by, so it was only a part-time interest really.  

Wanting to know more about this "New" England, I read a bit and thought I'd better go see if for myself, so made my first Boston trip with my new wife in 1990. In between leaf-peeping and shopping, I caught my first live TV game (our only win in the 1-15 season) on a TV in a shopping mall in Sagamore. By the end of our trip, I was hooked, on New England the place, the team, and the whole Drew Bledsoe story. Siz years later I remember the excitement when the hopeless team I had decided to support, made it to SB XXXI.  Then another 5 years, the emergence of TB, the tuck rule, and the AV game winner in NOLA, is something that will remain forever.  It really was a Beautiful Day, and they just keep on coming!

Until this board came along, I hadn't met any other Pats fans in the UK, but with the emergence of the internet, this forum became a regular destination, and I am delighted to have met so many people that I can now call friends and who I meet up with regularly throughout the year. 


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