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  1. Oh what a load of balls...

  2. Having trouble embedding the vid direct but here's some fine upsatnding citizens of Britain....-shortly to be heading to the Tower...!
  3. Massive Thank You

    ^ Yes- fully agree with all of that . The weekend's social events enjoyed by so many simply would not have happened if it wasn't for some big efforts and sacrifices by many UKPats for the benefit of us all - especially Ade, James & Damien....big nod also to Steve for reserving the UKPats tent at the GBTP.
  4. Just got back after sneaking out a wee bit early (shame on me!) during the 4th qtr- but even with our late game play this year we were never going to blow that lead! After a few years off from the roadtrips it was genuinely really pleasing to see so many old and new faces from UKPats at the tailgate! Happy days!! Just before the stroll to the ground, I bumped into Fitzy in the bogs- Me "Fitzyyyyyyyy" Fitzy "Yo my man" Me "I'd shake your hand, but I know where it's just been..." Fitzy- Laughs...and drills my right shoulder with a punch.... Me "Ouch...."
  5. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    Tip...? Tip is almost a swear word in the UK. - except for maybe rounding a taxi fare up to the nearest quid, most peeps don't do it. Don't do it & don't feel bad about not doing it.
  6. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    lol...ok how about "less worse"....!?
  7. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    maybe we'll see lots of "old jerseys" when we play "New Jersey" this TGD? -just hope the Jesters don't wear their awful "Titans" uni's....yuk...the Kelly Greens are far far superior.
  8. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    ...care to share the code mate?
  9. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    My payment just sent Ade- thank you for taking this mammoth task on !
  10. Ga Tickets Go On Sale At 10:00 On Thursday

    I might well be taking Mini-Patsman with me again, and although sitting in the main UKPats area would be my first choice, the £17 tix for the tiddlypeeps may sway me into the family area...
  11. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    The London Rams...! i wonder if Fisher does turn them around, they'll still be keen to keep those London games ?
  12. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    If there is to be 2 UK games, would it be too greedy to ask for say wk9 Pats @ Jags, then wk10 Pats @ Rams...?!?!
  13. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    From the Denver wk15 thread... Well, I'm praying it is Pats/Jags....so fear not, the Lord can stay neutral..!
  14. International 2010

    Yep- I am in the same boat... & that is why an NFL franchise in the UK will not work long term.... Not nearly enough peeps will pay up the wonga on a regular basis to keep the franchise going... I won't support the new team- I'm a Pats fan...end of...& unless the Pats are playing, i ain't going....
  15. International 2010

    Donkeys/Niners... -The NFL are gonna look like a fool with their pants on the ground.... Roll on 20-&-whatever-year-the-Pats-return....