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  1. The hotel offers a courtesy mini-bus to the Norwood train station--if the hotel deal is a good one, peeps may wish to "commute" into Boston as and when during the days inbetween the games...
  2. Whooop- two games! Checking holidays and bank balance right now!!!
  3. You want some? coz he'll give it to yer...!
  4. That was a decent evening's entertainment. Steve Smith REALLY doesn't like the Patriots...!! A Pats fan went on stage for a game and was roasted by SS and the dude just froze and took it; all the predictable "cheater" stuff....I was desperate for him to stand up to the little turd... ...I'd have asked him where he keeps his SB38 ring ...
  5. Flipper, Sunbeam and myself are going to the Nottingham show...
  6. Really hope everyone has an amazing trip, have a pint of pumpkin ale for me and bring home the W...!
  7. the Midtown Hotel is perfect for both Fenway and the Pourhouse
  8. Unless a financial mini miracle occurs I'm out this year so won't vote-- if that miracle does occur, I'll just go with whatever the masses have chosen... (I wudda chosen the Bills game tho'!)
  9. Paulo- that'll make you the Brit, who lives in Canada, eating an Indian in the USA....
  10. Safe trip t y'all ! Bring home the W...or don't come back... Graham- please find a decent bar with a cinnamon pumpkin ale and have one (or three) for me...!!
  11. erm yeah, travelling facing backwards on a hot train with a brain full of alcohol was never gonna end well...
  12. Tupper n I walked that last year-- it's nearer 3 miles in reality and you do have to walk down the hard shoulder and across parking lots adjacent to route 1-- not to be recommended really- especially when dragging a case & carrying a back pack....with a monster hangover from the PourHouse....!!! But the good news is the Hampton do a FREE courtesy bus to/from the station- give them a call and a man with a van will whisk you away for free....(tip optional!)
  13. Just a thought but the Norwood Hotel has a courtesy mini bus which if I recall correctly seats about a dozen. Might be easier negotiating a trip to the Razor rather than back due to the traffic but worth considering asking if all else fails...
  14. Me n Tupper trained it from Boston to Norwood last year.....then walked to the hotel...(it took bleddy ages, dragging our bags n cases down along the hard shoulder of Route 1 ) -- we didn't know it at the time but the hotel do a courtesy bus- just ring them up & they pick you up from Norwood station for free... ..goes without saying that we took the (free) courtesy bus back on the return trip...
  15. I won't be able to join y'all this year- Ms 73's 40th very inconveniently coincides with the Eagles game & weirdly she doesn't want to spend it freezing her arse off in Boston (what a strange girl !)- I'll hopefully be back on it in 2016...! Hope y'all have a blast & would encourage anyone mulling it over to do it- it truly is a memorable weekend with fantastic people!
  16. would the Pats allow two allocations? One for Buff n one for Philly?
  17. hoping, but cant be certain of attending. Therefore unfair of me to vote*,.so will go with the flow and hope it all falls into place! *btw being at a MNF game would be kinda cool..!
  18. Dare we ask for tickets to Jets AND Dolphs and do a double header...?
  19. I will be on cricket tour in Devon for the first game and weekend of the season and as an old school fan, think footie's better in the cold! Therefore a game in late Nov/Dec pour moi please!
  20. Assuming all the assumptions that have to be assumed...it's a yes from me please!
  21. Oh what a load of balls...

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