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  1. patman

    London 2018 Group booking

    It has to be Seahawks v Raiders for me. Can't make the other 2 dates.
  2. patman

    2017 Wk 14 vs Miami

    Almost the Denver 7 reunitied. But where's Jamie ?
  3. patman

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Sounds cool. Are girls allowed on the stag ? Wouldn't want to upset Pam.
  4. patman

    2017 Wk 14 vs Miami

    Sorry Ade. My mobile is somewhere in Tenerife. I lost it back in April. Me and FB are distant bedfellows - I guess I'm just a grumpy old technophobe. Could you PM me details of the trip. Cheers.
  5. patman

    2017 Wk 14 vs Miami

    Hi Ade Who is going? Already going to the RT game. Would need to speak to Pam☺
  6. patman

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Also happy with the Hampton thanks Howard.
  7. patman

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Can't make the Texans so it's the Dolphins for us.
  8. patman

    UK Patriots 2017 Superbowl Party (Fully Booked Up)

    Thanks as always for organising this Mark. I will definitely be there. Not sure yet about Pam - babysitting duties may be a problem.
  9. patman

    UK Patriots 2016 Superbowl Party

    The really bad news is I can't make it guys. But the compensation is I'll be watching the game on Holland America's Eurodam sailing to the Carribbean . Hopefully with some fellow Pats fans.
  10. patman

    2016 Foxboro Road Trip weekend

    Thanks Howard - it's great to be retired
  11. patman

    Thoughts on RT 2015

    As a regular I would fully support a get -together on the night before a game. Spirepower- I'm sure nobody would think this to be a lost night. After all, I don't think Ade is suggesting this be teetotal We have had some great nights in the past with special guests ( I was reminded by Warren of having a photo taken holding a musket with the minutemen ). And don't forget the cheerleaders..........
  12. As Chris says, I have a brand new Youth's patriot fleece that somebody left in his car. Let me know who you are and we can make arrangements to get it to you. Looks like it could be a stunning Xmas present for someone. Great road trip especially for the Denver 7 and despite the Pats playing like they want to give the rest of the NFL a chance. Very generous and un-Bill like. The local Pats radio gave BB a hammering Monday morning - especially for that crazy drop kick kick-off. What were they thinking. Look forward to seeing everyone at the SB party.
  13. patman

    2015 Week 12 @ DEN

    Brilliant - well done mate
  14. Hi Mandy. Currently in Chamonix. Reserve me a spot thanks and I will PM you when I get back.
  15. patman


    Eagles for me. Otherwise won't be able to make it.
  16. Just make it the Eagles Mandy
  17. patman

    2015 Week 12 @ DEN

    OK I'm in. Pam can't make it as come November we will have two more grandchildren - one just 6 weeks old. Plus she doesn't ski so has decided to give it a miss. Nice to have three Spurs fans making the trip. I've booked with BA using my Avios points - giving good prices and good times. I'm flying out on the same flight as mablc001 and flying back with Ade and Jamie. Denver to Boston is with Delta via New York leaving at 10.35. Ade - the chalet at Breckenridge looks great. Very happy to stay there. Also Ade - Yvonne happens to be in Denver in November and might be persuaded for a ski if that's OK with you. Anyone booked a Denver hotel yet ?
  18. patman

    2015 Week 12 @ DEN

    How did you make the BA booking Ade. It's sometimes confusing flying back from a different airport.
  19. patman

    2015 Week 12 @ DEN

    Crickey Ade - you're very tempting ! Would be up for it if we can make the Eagles the RT game. What are the chances of that ?
  20. Another skiing trip then Ade
  21. Pam and I are keen to do the trip. We are though in Mexico for almost 3 weeks from 16th September so would prefer a later RT in late October or November/December.
  22. patman

    Super Bowl Sunday Pub Crawl

    Andy and I will be arriving at Paddington just after 3:30 pm so will head for the Grafton. Shame to miss the Southampton but perhaps it's just as well......
  23. patman

    UK Patriots 2015 Superbowl Party (FULL)

    Andy's booked a day off and Karina's given him a pass so we'll snaffle one of the extra places. Mark - payment has been sent.
  24. patman

    UK Patriots 2015 Superbowl Party (FULL)

    Graham I'm arriving at Paddington just after 2:30. Will head for the Grafton and see you there.
  25. patman

    UK Patriots 2015 Superbowl Party (FULL)

    Sounds like a plan. I'm pretty flexible so could be persuaded....