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  1. one time i think i must come with you it would be fantastic
  2. yes the games were so good, the crowd expecially against DEN was very very good and i have done my part our sector was really rocking... overall it was fantastic...the period is one of the best... pity that i found saturday 1 and sunday 2 with bad weather but overall i can not complain at all till friday was excellent and Cape Cod was amazing
  3. back today in Italy after 10 days in NE i was able also to see 2 games, Chicago and Denver, @ Gillette a w e s o m e the weather was so good against the Bears and very very tough in he morning and beginning afternoon (windy and some snow) but then was quite ok i was in sector nr 122 2 wins...i can not complain...tailgate in both games too at the end of DEN game i went also on the field ! i had a great time for this trip...Cape Cod, Salem on Halloween, Newport, visit @ Fenway Park, Boston College (i was ablde also to went on the field), Harvard, Cape Ann, foliage, covered bridges and lightouses, Patriots Hall of Fame, Boston Freedom Trail, etc... i found till saturday good weather (saturday and sunday was not good...) a great , great time !
  4. i'm sure you will have a great trip - you're real a true group of strong passionate fans this year i'm in the run too...there is a good chance i will see too 1 or 2 games...
  5. if i should have the opportunity to come i think that a combination of CHI + DEN games looks so good...
  6. what a great game you saw...incredible...Uk Patriots banner was very very visible ! great ! pity for Gronk...very very sad...
  7. with delay, and I apologize for it, I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful weekend what to say ? these days were incredible, beautiful for us fans of the Patriots Saturday night was great, as I expected,: talk to J.Smith, G. Santos, Zolak, shake hands with Mr. Kraft and do a word with so many of you (including the 'awesome' Fitzy), the beautiful cheerleaders, the mascot Pat Patriot and then what about Sunday afternoon - I regret that I was not more close to you because you have done a great cheer - you are really exceptional fans ! nice to know personally even then fans from the U.S. as SoCal Bong and his wife ('arrivederci' somewhere) and review others as Mandy and Papa Lazarou and make new ones (sorry if i do not remember all names but probably you could help me...) another 'thanks you too Ade' for help and support I hope one day to be with you in Foxboro, I'm sure it would be great ! then, again,many thanks from Italy grazie, arrivederci to you too Uk Patriots
  8. on 2009 they dressed 3 times red throwbacks with, of course, white paints and 1 time (@ Den) white throwbacks with white paints i would love to see white throwbacks and red paints Pats used red against BUF TEN at home and @ MIA if i remember correctly like i think
  9. i have to agree with you my top 3 were the old logos by, in order,: Pats, OIlers and, 3rd, 'Bucco Bruce' TB
  10. i wasn't in Denver for the game - i saw it on tv i have seen the Pats 3 times 'live' (2 times at Gillette Stadium and 1 time in LOndon 2009) NFL stadiums that i saw in US are: Gillette then SF, SD,OAK and Los Angeles Coliseum. Then i saw the Bruins against Penguins once at Boston Garden for an NHL regular season game and then Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium not more infortunately
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