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  1. Cheers, had hoped for the Jags game so I could make use of the ticket but not complaining one iota! Have heard it's an awesome experience from some refs who've already done it. Can say this now with absolute certainty. Amazing experience. Got to the ground approx. 2.30. NFL had given us caps and shirts to wear (and keep!) underneath the bibs. Went and walked on the hallowed Wembley turf (how many people can claim that?). Went back in approximately quarter past 3 just as the players came out for initial warmups. Briefed by the HL (36) at approximately 5pm. I ended up on the alternate downbox, which was on the Vikings sideline during the 1st half. One thing people may not be aware is that the wing officials swap sidelines at halftime and run the other sideline during the 2nd half. So I was subsequently on the Steelers sideline for the 2nd half as I had to follow where the LJ went (107). There were at times I had to run onto the pitch during the game due to having to get past all the coaches on the sidelines and avoid tripping over their microphone cord. The atmosphere was something special. Say what you want about Wembley fans but that was the most partisan crowd I've seen at the International Game. It was buzzing, particularly on that last drive. To be involved in such a close game with such a small margin of victory (6 yards) was truly special. Got back in the changing rooms to then be greeted approximately 10 minutes later by a Vikings staff member who handed out a Vikings cap for all 8 members of the chain gang. Lovely touch, and admitting that the Norsemen are now my NFC team =) Know some will be very green-eyed now. One minor note though: Mike Tomlin is a miserable so-and-so =D
  2. Cheers, had hoped for the Jags game so I could make use of the ticket but not complaining one iota! Have heard it's an awesome experience from some refs who've already done it.
  3. For anyone not currently going on 29th September, there is a free ticket going. This is due to me having to vacate my seat for the Pittsburgh vs Minnesota game as I have been invited by BAFRA (the British American Football Referees Association) to be part of the chain crew for the game. I am looking to sell the ticket for face value (approx. £70) and will need to purchase it on the day of the game from my dad (aka Paulsaidthesearemypeople/PSTAMP for short). Ticket is in block 519 so right up in the nosebleeds. Any takers, let me know via PM.
  4. 3 tickets booked for the Viqueens vs the Squealers...
  5. On the basis single-game tickets go on sale Thursday, has there been any movement on this yet?
  6. Ade, I have already planned to go to the Squealers-Vikings game but not the SanFran-Jags one, can only afford one next year but ordering through UKPats will make the whole issue a lot less painful...
  7. Pleasure as always to see you at the game, Howard. Glad you both had a safe flight back across The Pond and are safe and well.
  8. No definitely Stephanie P. She knows who the best ref in the world is (and it ain't Walt Coleman)
  9. TBX3


    Cant wait for lil' bro to get here so we can leave for London town! Been looking forward all week to this weekend!!!
  10. Regent's Park is not having a service operated through it on the Saturday, and Baker Street Station is closed. Would therefore suggest best station is Camden Town on the Northern Line
  11. Finally managed to book myself and David into the Travelodge in Stratford. Yes, it's miles from Wembley and the centre of town but it's the cheapest place in London I could find, plus it's about the closest I'll manage to get to the Olympic Park this year (even with volunteering)
  12. Wouldn't that take a lot of balls? Not really that brave so, No Think that one went right over your head PSTAMP lol
  13. Markus striped jersey is fine by me, only other thing required is a flag, whistley and maybe a bean bag. Dont really think we need full uniform (though maybe wear black trousers/jeans). If we have 6 officials we can definitely run 2 pitches, maybe even 3 using 2-man mechanics (have done 2-man with 5v5 kitted, but also 3-man at Britbowl with a 4-man crew on the final)
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