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  1. Anyone going to Wembley this weekend?? Tony and myself have tickets for all 3 games this year - starting with his team the Raiders on Sunday. Also, I apologise in advance if anyone spots me in the Wembley area wearing a Raiders t-shirt. (Oh the shame...!...) I haven't totally lost my senses but I do owe Tony after he has temporarily supported the Pats on 3 occasions in recent years and he sported a Patriots t-shirt in Arizona for the Pats game. We should be at the Green Man on the Sunday morning, (if it's not raining!), will be at Regents Street on Saturday and the 'Fan Plazza' later on Sunday. Erm Go Raiders?!?
  2. Real shame that Graham and I still can't believe that it's 10 years since the ASU trip - where has the time gone! I've been following UCF since seeing them in Orlando in 1995 when they were a 1AA team, but ASU has a real place in my heart after that excellent trip to Arizona. Hopefully all us old boys can all meet up in Dublin for the 2016 game with a couple of pints of Guinness! You never know I might even save up enough money to get back to Foxborough one day as well....depending on where the daughter wants to go to Uni in a few years time.
  3. Well Dublin was great over the weekend and Croke Park is a excellent venue for football. Close game with Penn State winning with a field goal in the last 3 seconds of the match. According to reports NCAA football is back in Dublin every two years with the next one in 2016 - teams to be announced. I can highly recommend these trips if you get chance to go.
  4. UCF (Central Florida) won the Fiesta Bowl 52-42 (vs Baylor) and are now ranked #10 in the 'AP College Football Poll 2014: Post-BCS Championship" http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll. With Penn State having a historically strong football programme this should be a cracking game. We fly out from Southend Airport to Dublin on the Friday and return Sunday evening. Still decent game tickets available so hopefully we'll see some UK Pats on this 'mini road trip' to Dublin as well.
  5. According to the Ticketmaster website there is over 16000 left at the moment of their allocation. So should be some still available for a while as I'm guessing that it won't be as quick to sell as the 2012 game due to the lower popularity of the teams playing this time.... Will be good to see a few of us over there for this one.
  6. College football returns to Dublin next August as the Central Florida Knights host Penn State Nittany Lions on Saturday 30th August 2014 at Croke Park Stadium - 1:30pm kick off. "The Croke Park Classic will see the University of Central Florida host Penn State in their 2014 Season Opener in GAA HQ on the 30th August 2014. This big season opener for UCF and Penn State will be the first time that UCF and Penn State have played outside the United States. The Croke Park Classic brings together Veteran Florida Knights Coach George O’Leary who was a mentor of Penn State Nittany Lions coach Bill O’Brien at Georgia Tech from 1995-2001." Tickets are available for European deilvery address from Ticketmaster now here: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/penn-state-nittany-lions-v-ucf-dublin-30-08-2014/event/18004AEA9B082097?artistid=836126&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=102 Details for the event can be found here: http://www.crokepark.ie/crokeparkclassic/home.aspx We, (Tony, myself, Mrs Tony & Mrs PatsfanUK), are planning to head over for this game - hopefully arriving in Dublin on the Friday and returning home Sunday afternoon. We have just booked game tickets in section UPP736 - row A for 40Euro per ticket. Anyone else up for a UK Patriots 'Mini Road Trip'?
  7. I was recently send the picture below of two US fans at the Green Man with Damien and Swindon.... The couple got engaged during their trip to London and the story can be found here: http://patsfanuk.co.uk/News.php
  8. Massive Thank You

    I'll just add my thanks to everyone at UK Patriots for a fantastic weekend. (Just catching up with stuff now....) Pre-game party at Sports Cafe was excellent and seeing everyone at the Green Man was great as well. Then an excellent performance in the big game from the Pats to stuff the Rams! Pats now 2-0 playing in London. We could see the towels, flags and hear the UK Pats at the other end of the stadium where we were sitting! Hopefully will see you all at the Super Bowl Party early next year....!....
  9. The Green Man will be showing the Liverpool Vs Everton game in the main bar on the Sunday for those who don't want to miss the Premier League.... Also, I understand that Great American Sports will be bringing 'name & number' t-shirts with them: (I haven't been told how much they will be sold for though.)
  10. Anyone whose not been before take notice of this!! Also leave plenty of time for queues if your needing to use the loo... Good shout, Simon The Green Man was refurbished in 2010 (after the last UK Pats Tailgate) and the toilets are bigger than in 2009. Also there will be more outside bars available than in 2009. But still a good shout as it will be very busy....
  11. Good news. Let's get the Green Man heaving with Pats Fans like it was in 2009...!... (And I'd better update the GBTP website... )
  12. After the pre-game party.....

    I'm now told the Green Man's main bar will be open until 1am on the Saturday....
  13. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    1 x Large or XL depending on the brand of t-shirt please. (If it's Fruit of the Loom = XL as they shrink).
  14. After the pre-game party.....

    I'm just told it's open "til very late" by the organisers. I have been there up until midnight on the Saturday night for previous events, after the snail racing, but not stayed any later....
  15. After the pre-game party.....

    After the pre-game party? (I mis-read the topic for that one...) The Green Man is open very late on the Saturday, but after the pre-game party you might have missed the 'snail' racing by then....!.... I probably won't be checking out the Green Man this year as Pats events take priority on the Saturday and I want some sleep before Pats Sunday.