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  1. Best Seats at Gillette

    As has been said the seats are expensive even more so at field level, I've always gone for the 200 mid level when I've gone to individual games in 1 of the corners. Its a good view of the whole field without being too high up. I agree also agree with what has been said about the Hall & Pro shop they are rammed on game day & if you buy anything you will have to take it back to a car as you can't take big bags into the stadium. You will definitely need a car by the way for the best experience, there is only 1 train on game day & it arrives very close to kick off & leaves promptly after the game so gives no chance to do anything.
  2. Massive Thank You

    Just want to echo the comments of everyone else , fantastic weekend & thanks to everyone involved making it happen pity it was all over so quick !! Now bring on next years roadtrip Can't get that Rob Gronkowski song out of my head !!!
  3. Was great in 2009 looking forward to it again can't wait now counting off the days
  4. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    I think I'd already messaged you that I'd take an XL & S
  5. Patriots Pre Game Party

    ^^ Exactly what he said , chill out people good things come to those who wait
  6. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Diplomatic as ever Warren
  7. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Staying at Comfort Hotel in Harrow which is quite close & not that expensive. As for seeing London I had a couple of overseas visitors over 2 weeks ago & we did the Open Top Bus tour was £26 each but its a great way to get around you can get on & off as many times as you want & you get a tour guide giving you all the chat ( the price also includes a river cruise) which is not bad value
  8. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    Just to back up what Mandy said my daughter is 13 & quite slim she had a size small which is OK for her. I have to say I think our t shirt was miles better than the "official" event t & half the price Well done James
  9. What A Weekend

    No worries about the aisle seat Ade we had a great time I sat next to Stu & we had a ball, except for 1 asshole of a Redskins fan in front of us who was a real Pats hater
  10. What A Weekend

    I can only repeat what has been said above my daughter enjoyed every minute as well from Sat night to the tailagte & the game , even her Mom attending her first game could'nt believe how well everyone got on & the spectical of it all. Ade & James deserve so much thanks & I must say James our T shirts are way better than the official game shirts at half the price !!
  11. Mug-shots

    Hey Stron - I suppose it's a TEMP-TA-TION to say I'm Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 with the blonde rinse, there is just 1 problem I can't sing
  12. Mug-shots

    This is my daughter Becky & me at the Rams game last year, she will be there next weekend as well, although the blonde experiment has reverted back to brown for me
  13. The "yes I've Got Them" Thread

    YESSSSS Mine just arrived BIG Thanks to Ade & James
  14. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    James they look great, you & Ade will need to lie down in a darkened room for a week after all the hard work & organising you have done for this weekend it's much appreciated, I've sent you a PM as well
  15. Wembley Programme Available To Pre-order

    I ordered mine yesterday, I want to make sure it doesn't get damaged. I went to the Turkish GP this year & found a bottle of Coke had leaked in my bag when I got back to the hotel so I'm not taking any risks with this.