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  1. Djdshaw

    What to do between The Dolphins & Colts games

    Lol driving off a cliff ?
  2. Djdshaw

    What to do between The Dolphins & Colts games

    I’d be interested in that Mark , like the idea of flying though that’s 1 hell of a drive !!
  3. Djdshaw

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Count me in for tickets to both games looks like it will just be me this year Becky hasn't got enough holiday left too many holidays to the sun !!!
  4. I think I've let everyone know but just in case - As the Bruins game is next Friday I thought it best to confirm arrangements for getting the tickets handed out. I have to collect them from fan relations around 11am - I would suggest we all meet outside the old Pro Shop near the McDonalds in the concourse of TD Garden about 11.30 the very latest 12 - With the puck drop at 1pm any later will give people no time to have a look round the Shop get food & drinks & find the seats. Please remember it is a holiday weekend in the US so there maybe more people around & T schedules maybe reduced so allow extra travelling time
  5. OK a quick update - everyone is paid up & Joe stepped in & bought Huskys 2 tickets However Kyle has now had to drop out so there is 1 ticket available if anyone is interested or know someone who maybe
  6. Djdshaw

    Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston

    Put me down for 2 please
  7. Djdshaw

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Leanne unfortunately we are not staying in Boston we move down to Norwood on Saturday, the trip from Boston on gameday can be very busy as there's only 1 road in to the stadium so we always stay closer the night before & after the game..
  8. Djdshaw

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Be Becky & me in a hire car so can probably get 2-3 in on game day
  9. Thanks Ian would be appreciated as I already paid for them
  10. Husky has said he unfortunately won't be able to make it so I have 2 tickets over if anyone is interested or knows anyone who might want 2 tickets please let me know
  11. Djdshaw

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Carl - if you are hanging around for the Celtics game on the Monday let me know, Becky & me are staying longer & going to that we can see if we can get tickets seated together
  12. Update David x 2 PAID Leanne x 3 PAID Rat Noir x 2 PAID Seasider x 2 PAID Carl x 1 - PAID Yabba x 1 PAID Warren x 1 PAID Patriotskyle x 1 PAID Waspie x 1 PAID Husky x 2 - Sold to Joe PAID
  13. Tickets are booked & paid for unfortunately due to it being a Thanksgiving Holiday & the Penguins this is classed as a Gold Level game so the tickets were top prices There were no seats on the promenade available as these have all been taken by media & sponsors. So the options were block 328 face value $150 or lower level loge for $250 I thought $250 was too much so I have booked a block in the 300 section They have given me a $10 per ticket discount for group booking so the price each is $140 which at todays rate is about 105 GBP I need payment ASAP by either bank transfer or PAYPAL please PM me for details I must stress we are very lucky to get tickets for this game as they are in very high demand
  14. Just a quick update I have now confirmed numbers to the Bruins - Final list is below - I will be looking for some payments next week once I have final costs David x2 Leanne x3 Yabba x1 Patriotskyle x1 Rat Noir x2 Seasider x2 Husky x2 Warren x1 Waspie x1 Carl x1
  15. Djdshaw

    Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston - Roadtrippers

    Yes definitely interested count us in