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  1. Others may correct me on this, but I don't think the season ticket waiting list and Ticket Exchange is the best way to go. I understand that the availability of tickets on the Ticket Exchange is next to nothing, and those that are available are not good seats. Your best bet is either to try buying single game tickets when they go on sale to the public (there is a pre announced time, but it's similar to buying for Glastonbury, they go fast. And you have to pay via Visa), or to go to a reselling site like StubHub. This has proved the most reliable route in the past, but of course you will end up paying a premium. And I'm guessing if your heart is set on the first home game, it will be a significant premium. As Husky says, though, if you want to get to Gilette but don't mind the game, get involved on here and apply to join our next road trip. It's quite an experience with 20 - 30 other UK based Pats fans, with lots to do throughout the weekend. Finally, welcome to the site!
  2. This - particularly if you're not fussed where you sit. Can't see why Twickenham would be significantly more popular than the Wembley games
  3. Yep will be there, block 120. I'm claiming 'Go Raiders' as it's against the Dolphins and I have Derek Carr in a dynasty FF league...
  4. Yale @ Harvard

    Yes think this would be great
  5. Yale @ Harvard

    That being the case, is there any realistic prospect of getting tickets?
  6. It's gone awfully quiet round here today... I wonder if there are some forum members on flights somewhere...? Enjoy everyone and bring back the W!!!
  7. 2013 roadtrip

    Would be fun to go and watch the Pats vs Bucs in Foxboro, having seen them last time in London...!
  8. Massive Thank You

    Just to add to all of the above messages, it really felt like the atmosphere was a notch higher this year, and that is down to all of the efforts of those organising, making sure we got to sit together, planning it all out. Thanks to all for a great weekend - can't wait to do it again, hopefully at Gillette.
  9. Plus as Tommo says you can of course also order it online
  10. No you need to go to a manned ticket desk, but there should be one at every station. Not sure about this £20 fine thing, you just get charged the maximum single fare if you don't tap in and then try and tap out.
  11. After the pre-game party.....

    If people are staying out I'd be definitely up for joining. I'm otherwise occupied earlier in the evening (did anyone mention Muse at the O2?), but would join as soon as possible and keep going into the early hours...
  12. A few simple inquries re our trip to London

    I went there a few years ago now and it's perfectly decent. You get great views of Tower Bridge, it's one of a handful (I think) of Conran restaurants in that area, the other one I can name off the top of my head being Pont de la Tour (which does excellent Dover Sole, if you're into fish). It's not the easiest place to get to if you are using public transport, so cab ride is the best bet. Would make for a very nice night out, I would say book with confidence!
  13. A few simple inquries re our trip to London

    Barbecoa is great, and slightly more economical than Hawksmoor. As it's in the City, though, not sure if you'll be able to get a reservation, as it gets pretty busy. If you're after good steak restaurants, alternatives are Hix (there are a few dotted around so you should be able to get a table) or Goodmans.
  14. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Agree with these sentiments - whatever you're into sight-seeing wise, you'll find it in London.
  15. International 2010

    Of course, why not? It's an exciting idea, it's never been done before, I can easily see 50,000 people getting behind it. It will need to be done in the right way, but I'm not ready to rule it out. I watch the Pats on Gamepass, so for example I didn't watch the Pats / Vikes game until Monday. This isn't a problem for me. I don't live in Boston, so I can't watch them live every home game anyway. So if I had the chance to watch 8 NFL games a year at Wembley, and follow the Pats in the same way I do right now, why not? It would become more difficult if a London franchise was in the AFC East, for sure. But hey, that would guarantee the Pats in London once a year, plus a chance to support against the Jets, Dolphins and Bills once a year. It's not all bad. But in this situation, I probably wouldn't buy a season ticket. I'd still go to at least some of the games though. London is potentially a massive, massive market. I just don't see it as a foregone conclusion to the negative that the demand won't be there, if it's handled in the right way. They'll need to invest, for sure, but the returns are there. And as for the Rangers, Chelsea, Real Madrid thing... aren't they all in the Champions League? What happens when they play each other then? They must play each other sometimes, right, or at least there's a chance they do? What if the London franchise was in the NFC? Is that a massive issue for AFC team fans? We only play each NFC team once every four years anyway, or in the Superbowl. So how tough really is the conflict? Likewise for fans of NFC teams, if the London franchise was in the AFC, would it really be a total conflict? I don't think so. Granted there will be times when it will impact fans of existing teams, but it's not that often. All you need is a core demand, plus a few years to build interest from new fans of the NFL who don't yet support teams in the US. It's doable in my view.
  16. International 2010

    I mean, come on - with respect, this is coming from someone who seems to support three soccer teams. It's really not beyond the realms of possibility to see the games selling out, even based on NFL fans who also follow other teams.
  17. International 2010

    Wow, quite some negativity here, this point of view seems a bit short sighted. I'm not saying a franchise here would be guaranteed to work, but it certainly has a shot. The game is building momentum here. Would it be the biggest mistake the NFL will ever make? How can it be? If they do it and it's a failure, how bad will it be for the NFL? Will it cost them a lot of money? Nothing they can't afford, and they will have made the investment knowing the risks, but also the potential return. I think messing up the CBA negotiations for example could be the biggest mistake, since it risks ruining all the positive momentum built with the NFL over the last 20 years. But trying a franchise in London and it not working? No. The argument that people in Europe follow a team for life (even if it's true, which is debatable) is also a reason why a franchise could work. Once the team generates the interest - perhaps over a four year build up timeframe? - then I think people will stick with it and allow it the chance to build. When I was sat in Wembley a few weeks back, it really struck me what a hostile environment for opposing teams Wembley could become with a London franchise. The travelling team has a long way to come; the British fans could develop all kinds of crowd traditions, chants etc. that could really make a game come alive. If it's a good experience, people will come and watch it (even though prices of £60 - £100 would be too much). And there will be the Olympic stadium that could be considered if they want a smaller venue, though if it was me I'd go for Wembley every time. If 80,000 fans were all cheering for the same team, that would be some show. Bring it on! As for players uprooting their families? Two comments: firstly, NFL players will do almost anything for money. If they're being paid, they'll move. Secondly, players don't uproot their families every time they change team either, even just in the US. This isn't a reason why it won't work. There are enough players out there who would be happy to live in the UK for a chance to build their reputation etc. Finding a player off the street? Well they're not going to find any in London so why not have your scouting set up based in the US anyway? So then it's just like any other team, perhaps slightly more expensive? Game tape and conference calls would work, perphaps not always 100% effectively, but it's not a reason this isn't going to work full stop. Head Coach and the full team could spend the offseason in the US, returning to the UK for training camp? Why not? "There is nothing that I can see that is positive about a team over here". Really? I think it would be fantastic. If you can put a franchise in Jacksonville, or Buffalo, you can put one in London. I'm not overlooking the challenges, culturally and financially, and there are many, but it's far from impossible. I'd say there's a material chance it happens before 2020. The NFL and its players are driven by one thing - money - and there's money in a team in London. If it happened, I'd seriously think about buying a season ticket. 8 games of NFL a season on my doorstep? Yes please. And I'd be prepared to bet there are at least 50,000 people in London, many of whom don't follow a team in the NFL right now, who could be persuaded to do the same over the next 8 years or so.
  18. International 2010

    I thought it was a great game, particularly for the first time it felt more like a home game for the 'home' team. Although there was quite a cheer when the Broncos scored, otherwise there seemed a lot more noise than on previous years when the 49ers were on defence, and the crowd in general really seemed to get behind the 49ers. For me, this really helped the atmosphere and made the whole thing more enjoyable. Last year was unfortunate (from a neutral perspective) given how many Pats fans there are in the UK, there was probably more noise for a Pats score than the Bucs. For the Dolphins / Giants and Saints / Chargers, the crowd seemed to cheer less than the home team might have expected, more for good play from either side (very British!). I think it's important if we want the games to keep coming to London that the 'home' team really feels like they're going to get the support of the crowd. On this occasion, I think it helped that there are a fair few 49ers fans in the UK as well, but I would hope the 49ers left the UK recognising that they got a good reception. I was more than happy to do my bit shouting for them - I wondered if in fact that the result of the game was irrelevant to so many of those in the stadium that this meant more were happy to support the niners! All in all, despite a slow first half, a great night out and as spectacular as ever. Perhaps the highlight for me was the slightly drunk Colts fan in the row in front of us who, instead of shouting D-Fence, was shouting Te-bow... the entire game!
  19. International 2010

    Like the teams, would definitely like to see Patrick Willis in action, will be applying for tickets!
  20. The "yes I've Got Them" Thread

    Our tickets also arrived yesterday, fantastic to realise it's all about to happen!