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  1. Why the detours, is Darius coming with you
  2. Me & Deb are going, also David & Becky. I believe Warren and Ian Buchanan are going as well & possibly Carl. Me & Deb arrive on the Saturday afternoon, staying until Wednesday morning before flying up to Boston. Haven't booked a hotel yet, but probably likely to book nearer the centre and Reagan airport area.
  3. Thanks for dealing with this again Howard. Really appreciate it. I've pm'd you
  4. Me & the boss are in for this one, she finally got some holidays to coincide with the roadtrip. official application via PM.
  5. I've allocated Carl to your car for the Thursday night game.
  6. North America maps now loaded onto the Garmin and locations due to be visited have been logged in and stored.
  7. Thanks for the PM's and posts guys. It looks like we have got enough space available to get everyone who needs a lift to and from the RT Hotel to Gillette Stadium on both gamedays.
  8. We now tailgate with another large tailgating crew. This is partly why we all try and meet at the RT hotel in morning and travel in convoy to the stadium to ensure that we are all together. The parking lots at Gillette are huge and spread all around the stadium and Patriot Place. I believe that the ticket you have bought includes a contribution towards drinks, but you will need to make a cash contribution towards the food (of which there will be plenty). Tailgating also continues after the game to allow a lot of the traffic to clear before we leave the parking lots.
  9. Done and approved last night. Approval document printed off as well (just in case)
  10. Hire car is booked, accommodation will be what we can find along the way (motels etc) looking forward to seeing a bit more of the States and visiting a couple of cool venues (and a couple of crap ones) see Cleveland & Buffalo.
  11. As per the above, please could you all PM me a preferred email address and mobile number so that I can contact people directly rather than clogging up this thread with transport messages. Mandy has let me have a list of who's attending which games (she does seem to like a spreadsheet), so I already know who's going to be at which games. I will be leaving from the RT hotel for both games (assuming we get back from our other little roadtrip on the Thursday).
  12. I think the Canadian contingent are possibly going to still be in town
  13. The original plan was to all travel in 1 vehicle and share the driving (minimises fatigue as well as hire & fuel costs). I think we'd possibly go with the minivan even if it was just 5 of us to have that bit of extra room. I've found some good deals for the vehicle including up to 3 extra drivers (just need to sort out how to get a couple of you actually added as it normal for the paperwork for this to be done in person when the vehicle is picked up). The detour into Buffalo isn't a problem, there's talk of paying a visit to Niagara Falls if we have enough time.
  14. Norwood Hotel now also booked for both games.
  15. According to Google maps its a 1,346 mile round trip from Norwood to go to Canton first, then on up to Cleveland and back via Buffalo along the I90. Could be done with sharing the driving (Neil excluded from driving due to being a new driver). Chance to see a bit more of the country and try a few Diners, Drive-ins or Dives. Also keeps the costs down with everyone sharing the car & fuel costs. Thelma & Louise can stay at home.
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