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  1. Tampa Bay or Denver?

    I heard you and Jamie liked to do a bit of big game fishing off the coast of Florida
  2. Gameday Questions

    I would agree with most of what Neil has said above, except, being of an overly cautious nature, I would allow a little more time to get to Gillette from downtown Boston, especially if weather looks like it may have any effect on your journey. It may seem that you are getting to the stadium awfully early, but you will find plenty to do, eat & drink (be very careful with alcohol if driving). Wrap up warm and be prepared to do some more tailgating after the game as the other option is to basically sit in traffic and crawl back to Boston. make the most of it and soak up the atmosphere of Sunday night football.
  3. Travel to Boston

    Only delay I've ever had at Logan is waiting for Jamie Macrae to arrive on the flight from Manchester via Chicago (cheapskate, going the long way round)
  4. I can highly recommend these Dublin trips. Had a great weekend at the Notre Dame v Navy game 2 years ago. Sorry that we couldn't make this one.
  5. Went to the Emerald Isle Classic last year (Notre Dame @ Navy) and had a blast of a weekend. The Guinness in Dublin sure tastes different. Hopefully SWMBO will be up for another trip across the Irish Sea.
  6. Try ticketmaster first on the day they release the tickets. Make sure you have a VISA credit card to pay for them. (They will not accept a Mastercard one)
  7. UKPatriots Tailgate Party (@GBTP, Green Man Hotel, Wembley)

    Hanging THAT calendar up would bring bad luck in my house whatever time of year I hung it up! second that ade my better half would kill me, my son said to me at the party "shall we get mammy a calender?" "i doubt she would want one" was my reply lol come on boys, sounds like your diplomacy and powers of persuassion are slipping here. Missed opportunity with your son Dwayne, he could have taken a nice pressie back for his mum, after all, it was his idea.
  8. UKPatriots Tailgate Party (@GBTP, Green Man Hotel, Wembley)

    body of baywatch face of crimewatch Ever the diplomat Warren, still at least it shows you evaluated the whole package
  9. UKPatriots Tailgate Party (@GBTP, Green Man Hotel, Wembley)

    I hope you're not supersticious Tommo, but hanging a calendar up early brings bad luck. Might be an idea to save it for January. Now, keeping them up at the end of the year, well that's fine, trouble is, I seem to be running out of wall space
  10. UKPatriots Tailgate Party (@GBTP, Green Man Hotel, Wembley)

    Matt, it was good to meet you on Sunday, I hope you were waving your towel with pride wherever you were in the stadium.
  11. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    She thought she was going to get away with it and bluff her way through. Unfortunately for her, she'd come up against "honkforgronk", there's no way that flag was going anywhere it wasn't meant to. Nice job Judy,
  12. Massive Thank You

    It was very cold there on Saturday morning, with a biting wind, that fair whistled through the park
  13. Massive Thank You

    Well that was a blast. What a great weekend with a great bunch of people. Like all the others here, special thanks to Ade & James, for the tickets & party arrangements, that spreadsheet must give you guys nightmares. Sadly, I couldn't get to the Wembley tour or Pub Crawl, but I heard they were both fantastic events, so well done Damo, Ted & Dave45. Great work with the flags & sails Specialbrew, and James for the T-shirts (pissed off a couple of Rams fans on the tube on Saturday night) Flag football was fun, and surely someone has got a picture of the streaker, can't believe we all missed it. Great idea of yours with the towels Damo, glad I was able to help you out with that one. Special thanks to my late night drinking partners, Gareth, Steve and Markus, it's been a long time since I was asked to leave a bar at 1am, because they needed to close up. Also a blatant plug, watch out for a post reference a meet up at the Sports Bar & Grill at Marylebone for the Jesters game on 22nd/23rd November. Would love to get as many UK pats fans there for so Beer, Food & a Jets arse-kicking.
  14. After the pre-game party.....

    you're starting to sound like Dave45