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  1. Thanks for sorting out the hotel once more - much appreciated
  2. Not thrilled about Thursday 2 years in a row but I’m in - I’ll let you know about +1 s when I find out
  3. This is a good reason to supply your contact details to mark (swindon Patriot) - Mandy usually sends out a list of everyone's contact details before the trip in case a specific person doesn't have cellphone coverage or email access but someone they are with does at the time you are trying to get hold of them. There was also a whatsapp group last year that worked pretty well for allowing people to coordinate stuff over the whole weekend so i think it a good idea to repeat that this year
  4. canadian contingent are confirmed for friday night - from previous experience I'm guessing the pour house and/or whiskeys might be on the agenda but nothing is confirmed yet
  5. thursday night (c**ts game) myself danny and paul will be in the convoy in a vehicle which may have a space which may be taken by carl - i'll let you know
  6. and you don't pay tax on your winnings in canadian casinos. everything in niagara costs stupid tourist prices though
  7. I am looking for a roomie for the wednesday and thursday nights - so let me know if you are interested. Myself Danny and Paul are considering a Friday night in boston if people are around and feel like a pint or two
  8. Friday night after the colts game - Anyone up for a night out in Boston? (the canadian contingent is not going to the dolphins game)
  9. Thanks very much Howard for sorting out the hotel again - Appreciate the work you put in on our behalf
  10. but they might want sat/sun and thur/fri what time do the parking lots open for tailgating on the Thursday night?
  11. I am in in some capacity - not sure about both yet - I'll be discussing with paul/danny/mike (and the missus) and see what goes on - It is also the weekend after the Lions game which is also on my radar - if anyone else is interested in that one then maybe something can be worked out.
  12. maybe - depends how it works out with the roadtrip dates - It might be a stretch for me to do consecutive weekends
  13. only 4 hours to detroit for me - even less for paul but 2 weeks in a row would be less likely to gain approval with the missus
  14. I'd like the packers, but the prime-time time slot might be an issue as well as the elite status. colts and cheifs are appealing but they are both prime-time as well we only have 2 sunday 1pm games before week 16 and i would strongly prefer not the dolphins as that would probably remove the detroit road game the week before as a possibility for me vikings could be interesting
  15. Huge thanks to mandy, paul, howard and everyone else involved in making the weekend a success - the work you put in is much appreciated
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