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  1. It's a shame you won't make the Cleveland game but I wish Ben all the best in the marathon - we'll have to catch up sat the roadtrip instead
  2. Howard - Are you thinking of driving all the way or are you going to fly and get a rental? If we all drive down from TO then we are talking multiple vehicles and a van not required (depending on how many are coming with you) i am not sure what the tailgating situation would be in Cleveland - I remember there being a pats tailgating group that could be worth looking into
  3. Paul Danny and myself are thinking of a trip to the Cleveland game with a stop at canton for the HOF - depending on Danny's schedule and my capacity to take the abuse we might do Buffalo again as well
  4. @ Bills in Week 17 in the cassel year was quite possibly the coldest i've ever been - september should be far more pleasant, unless you take into account that ralph wilson stadium in particular and the city of buffalo in general are festering sores on the face of the planet and both have absolutely nothing to do with "pleasant". Let me know if you want to do it - I might fancy putting a car together for that one (closer to 2 and a half hours if you factor in the border crossing) - dg31 could be in for it as well - he's in kitchener.
  5. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Another sure to be great uk patriots event that i won't be able to attend - looks like you will require marginally less beer this time around For those that weren't there, this was a truly great night last time out - I made the pictures section on the Patriots website and got my mitts on a SB ring. (and mysteriously developed dehydration-like symptoms and a bit of a headache the following morning)
  6. UKPatriots Flag Football Official Enquiries

    Sorry - won't be attending just wondering if there is going to be a game vs a Rams FC as there was against bucspower? also wondering if there's going to be a pregame party the night before such as the last wembly appearance by the pats - if there is, flag football at 10am the following morning could be rather messy.
  7. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    just wondering if there will be the option to get additional tickets for relatives, spouses, children and so forth - I'm not being impatient, just wondering...
  8. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    so good it was posted in 2 threads
  9. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    I am indeed in the frozen north, but I'll be making an effort to make the trip back and monopolize ratser's evening. again (possibly?)
  10. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    i think i'll be making a short trip home for this one - any news on whether we'll be hosting the party again?
  11. Has It Really Been A Year...

    i remember that i was in something of a state on the way to wembley (and from about 12hours beforehand)
  12. Only a true genius gets to invent new words
  13. I Think Boston.com Deserves Some Criticism

    and the quality of reporting at espn boston has gone way up
  14. Mug-shots