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  1. For those who don't know you can actually add a photo to your profile. If you click on my username on the left you can see a photo of me in the drop-down. You can amend your own photo by clicking on your username at the top-left of the screen. Then the "Settings" tab in the middle, add a "Your Picture" and then "Save Settings". If only I could figure out how to change my Display Name to use my real name, but I think this is disabled by the moderators.
  2. http://www.buccaneers.com/multimedia/video...1&year=2009
  3. Just trying to find an equivalent video on Buccaneers.com. I was amused that the QB said he needs to try to be less aggressive.
  4. Yeah, this is why we have such a crap year of coverage. I was SO looking forward to seeing so many more Pats games this year. So far I've seen ONE on Sky.
  5. Most people who wear a yankees cap won't even know that it's a sports team logo. I see them in my home town, and you can guarantee that the mouth breathers wearing them don't follow baseball.
  6. Chicken Katsu! We used to have offices on Leicester sq. and so lived in Wagamama's. I'm down there till Wed after the game. May have to have my green tea and Chiken Katsu.
  7. Oh man. You think if I ink out all the divorce lawyers in the yellow pages, I could get away with actually coming down on Saturday? Don't you DARE have too much fun without me able to come!
  8. Well I shall be there. Drop my stuff off at the hotel and then PAR--TEYY. I have my beer tokens and inane grin at the ready. I went hoarse last year when I was cheering the Saints on, I think I might pop a blood vessel for the Pats. Now all I need to do is look the wife in the eye and say that I'm going to be upset to be away from her and the kids!
  9. This weekend is certainly no time for peace. We have buccaneers to put to the sword!
  10. I have this strange feeling that I'm going to Wembley this weekend to watch the Pats play. Surely not. It must be a dream.
  11. Cocktails are the real way to go. Drinks that actually taste nice. Everyone knows that noone really likes the taste of beer and whiskey. Margarhitas!
  12. This is me at Download this summer.
  13. An Oyster Card costs about £3, and each trip I make around Zone 1 costs me £1.60. It's very reasonable. You have to charge the thing up ahead of time, ofcourse. But you can get a refund on the Transport for London website, or you can donate the balance to charity.
  14. Perhaps you could take a moment to rediscover beer. Beer over here isn't what it is in the US. Ofcourse, you're visiting London, so you'll only be able to get a shandy. Try Old Peculiar. Tastes like molassas.. Mmmmm... Although I do remember finding Newcastle Brown in Boston. There's a bottle of beer that always tastes like a night at a rock club.
  15. I thought the tailgate at Wembley last year was a bit naff. The biggest tents were dedicated to selling rather average merchandise at a high price. The jazz parade was fun, and I still have my beads at home, but I got really naffed off when I was asked to sign a legal waiver because I wanted to try to the football tossing game. So I'm looking forward to seeing the GBTP instead this year.
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