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  1. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    Thanks Mark for organising the event again. It was great to catch up with some old faces and also meet some new ones.
  2. Massive Thank You

    It's wasn't our fault that everyone else had left! Thanks Mark for including us over the weekend, you made us feel very welcome and helped make a fantastic weekend.
  3. Massive Thank You

    Best non-NFL related part of the weekend. Awesome weekend, thanks to everyone who helped organise any of the events over the weekend from Friday night at SB&G, Flag Football (I'm getting too old), pre-game party was a blast, tailgate great fun and a perfect result for the Pats. Thanks also to those who helped in arranging the t-shirts and towels. It was a privilage and pleasure to meet up with everyone and putting some faces to names.
  4. Cheers jcuza. With Damien putting the effort in to get a full tournament it's probably best to keep our seperate teams for the moment (and may the best team win!).
  5. Have you got anymore players for your team? As we get closer to the game my team's struggling so if you have room for a couple of "vets" would you be interested in joining forces?
  6. UKPatriots Pub Tour

    With the earlier start time unfortunately I won't be able to make this event.
  7. Well that's one team started. So we have jacuza and Bob....we need at least four more for this team...similar age range would be good. Get a team name sorted and anyone who wishes to join this eam, say so below. As my friend (Steve) and I don't fall anywhere near this age bracket I'll start the enrolments for another team. Happy to start a team with either fellow Northerners or Over 30's.
  8. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    I'd get two - a small and a large.
  9. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Booked into the Marylebone Travelodge from the Fri night until sun night.
  10. UKPatriots Pub Tour

    My mate and I are certainly interested but may not make a 3pm start and will be happy to meet up when we arrive.
  11. Fullers Brewery Tour. Registery of Interest

    Thanks for the work in organising this Ted, sorry it didn't work out but will probably join the pub tour (I'll put this on the other thread as well).
  12. UKPatriots Flag Football Official Enquiries

    My mate and I are willing to make up the numbers, teams that we're available for selection: Road Trippers / Social bunnies (previous attendees of UKP events) Fantasy freaks (FF players) - me only Non-Pats (for your non-UKP friends to join in) 20-somethings 30-somethings (both) 40-somethings + Southeners Northerners (Both) Colonies (incl. Wales, Scotland, Ireland) - me only
  13. Fullers Brewery Tour. Registery of Interest

    I'm interested in this but waitihg on confirmation of leave for the Friday before committing. Should know by end of this week.
  14. UKPatriots Wembley Tour

    This sounds great but won't be able to get down to London until the afternoon.
  15. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Sent my aaplication, hopefully correctly to make it easier to process (and to not get mistakes highlighted here).