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  1. Woohoo paid my £200 tonight (well my dad did) for 4 tickets. Is it wrong to tell ade that it's for just two so my mum and sister miss out lol
  2. Ade you star helped me out loads last time getting tickets. Its people like you and all that run uk patriots why fan web site are so popular
  3. Totally agree there . 3 Rams games in a row unless fisher can turn them into the rams of late 90's could we see the nfl leaving are island for mainland europe.
  4. Secret Seagull i am sure you are looking forward to all the PM's coming your way if its any thing like last time lol
  5. can not wait. After the show the uk pats put on last time with the whole weekend this time it can only be better over excited already
  6. Hi SS looking on the nfl uk site on the 13th they are sending emails to game ticket holders to apply for tickets for the tailgate party. does anybody no how we apply? http://www.nfluk.com/series/tailgate2009IS_090809.html
  7. Wish i had not got the cheap seats now nevermind pats in england i will sit anywhere great work ss
  8. pm sent me and my dad will be there cant wait till october tho dam it lol
  9. would love a ticket +1
  10. This is going to be great. siants chargers did not feel right not really caring who won this tho will be great so hope we can all sit together some how
  11. you are very right.lets hope its not a wash out like last year then she wont have the rain to moan about as well lol
  12. i am dragging my girlfriend along cant wait!
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