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  1. International 2010

    Think me and a couple of mates are going to go for something to do, going to try and get X-Factor tickets for the saturday night as their studios are right by Wembley. Had a good little chat with Dermott O'Leary when we were there in October He's a Phins fan by the way ... Then venture over to Boston for a December game (fingers crossed)
  2. Register For 2010 Wembley Games Now

    During the games over the weekend im sure they mentioned it could be the Jags and Redskins coming over next year... No matter who the teams i doubt i will be going. Hopefully fingers crossed ill already be in America coaching soccer and watching the Pats at home ... I'll register though just incase
  3. Such A Shame

    In my very own scouse accent... ''Everyone just CALM down CALM down!!'' Just chillax... Susan your cool don't worry about it
  4. Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    LMAO!! That's my mate!!
  5. Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    :lol: he made me laugh so much saturday night just sent him a friend request! GP was you sat in front of me too then game day??
  6. Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    Saturday night he was the guy that was busting moves on the stage all night with us... Sunday game time he was the same guy who was sat right infront of me He was great to meet and we all had a ball Just wondering if anyone knows who he is as im sure he was with someone from the UKPatriots?? Would love to see some of the pictures Saturday night of not just him but with us too
  7. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    James just want to thank you for the t shirts they were great!! Got them signed too
  8. Saturday night was amazing!! Thanks all involved for making it happen
  9. What A Weekend

    I can't thank enough all the people that put their own time and effort into making this weekend one to remember!! Meeting Patriot fans from the UK and US, meeting people on this board (WP great sitting next to you on game day ) just abit disappointed i missed the flag game on the saturday morning All in all though it was a terrific weekend and i am definatley going over to Boston next year to catch a game!! Thanks again all involved
  10. Wembley Weekend Caption Competition...

    Bagsey window seat!!
  11. More Wembley Stadium Photos

    Pitch actually looks good Fingers crossed rain stays off and it should be alright!!
  12. Or an extra hour in bed either or
  13. It's Begun

    I have been counting down since the game was announced Really can not wait! Damn this week is going to drag! Worth waiting though
  14. After The Game?

    Just wondering is there anything going on after the game?? Like is anyone going anywhere to watch the later games?? Does the Green Man show the games or anyone know where the later games will be shown??
  15. I was just wondering... I don't no the exact amount of tickets sold nor do i know how many people will actually turn up however surely the sports cafe has a maximum amount of people it can let in?? With our party that must surely pack out the cafe?? So say everyone at the party decides to stay come 10pm, does that mean the cafe can't let anyone else in?? Meaning we have an extended party??