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  1. Me and my mate are more than likely going to the Packers game (aslong as we can get tickets) We have looked at flights, hotels etc and thinking of going for 5 days just before christmas. ... Im off to Mexico in the summer but when i get back ill be probably booking everything. Hopefully this will be the RT game (which i doubt due to it being so close to christmas) so i can meet up again with the rest of the UKPats, if not im sure what ever game is chosen the people in attendance will have a great time
  2. Think me and a couple of mates are going to go for something to do, going to try and get X-Factor tickets for the saturday night as their studios are right by Wembley. Had a good little chat with Dermott O'Leary when we were there in October He's a Phins fan by the way ... Then venture over to Boston for a December game (fingers crossed)
  3. Basically just putting the word out that me and Ant (Scouse Patriot) are trying to organise a SB party in Liverpool and if there are any members unable to make it too London like us, feel free to come along. Although i would have loved to get to London with work on the Monday i won't be able to get the time off. ... So like i have said, any other members wanting to come along just let us know, thanks
  4. The school i work in has been shut since Tuesday and will probably re-open on Monday... Im abit gutted as i was looking forward to mass snowball brawls against the kids
  5. I love snow!! So... i went the golf course near my house and played out in it
  6. During the games over the weekend im sure they mentioned it could be the Jags and Redskins coming over next year... No matter who the teams i doubt i will be going. Hopefully fingers crossed ill already be in America coaching soccer and watching the Pats at home ... I'll register though just incase
  7. Would love to come but i doubt i will be able to make it with having work on the Monday Unless it's a school holiday and the kids will be off... Have to check If i don't come i think i will just venture into Liverpool again like last year.
  8. Ill probably be coming mate, have to ask a few of my mates who came last week to see if they want to come too. Danny and Ant if we do your welcome for the lift
  9. In my very own scouse accent... ''Everyone just CALM down CALM down!!'' Just chillax... Susan your cool don't worry about it
  10. :lol: he made me laugh so much saturday night just sent him a friend request! GP was you sat in front of me too then game day??
  11. Saturday night he was the guy that was busting moves on the stage all night with us... Sunday game time he was the same guy who was sat right infront of me He was great to meet and we all had a ball Just wondering if anyone knows who he is as im sure he was with someone from the UKPatriots?? Would love to see some of the pictures Saturday night of not just him but with us too
  12. James just want to thank you for the t shirts they were great!! Got them signed too
  13. Saturday night was amazing!! Thanks all involved for making it happen
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