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  1. Can't get the time off work now as I had to commit to either the Friday or the Monday and i'm not entirely sure what condition I shall be in on Monday morning
  2. Not 100% yet as i'm in Leicester on the Saturday and if I end up in London until the early hours, i'll struggle to make 5pm, no matter Sunday AM. Name - Age - Location - Preferred "Interest group" Paul - 21 - Sarf London - Don't Care Rob - 30odd - Sarf London - Don't Care (Eagles fan) Possible groups - Gower Street residents (you know who you are) Road Trippers / Social bunnies (previous attendees of UKP events) Fantasy freaks (FF players). Non-Pats (for your non-UKP friends to join in) 20-somethings 30-somethings 40-somethings + Southeners Northerners Colonies (incl. Wales, Scotland, Ireland) Real Football Fans
  3. Me + 1 Non UK-Patriot, but he is attending the game with a UKPats ticket.
  4. The cricket might be a fun thing to do on the Sunday morning pre-game. Earlyish start and then get to Wembley after that. Would at least allow the Pats media staff who came to the events last time, to have the Saturday to look around the sights
  5. I'm a decent cricketer, Bowl or Keep or anything. I used to be good at Batting. Then I forgot how to bat, so now you get trick shots and massive heaves that end up with me ruining my spine. FF was good fun last year as well
  6. Maybe on Superbowl day. We know the Bucs aren't there, but the Patriots and quite a few of us will be in London for the party.
  7. He wouldn't let me register on the website. Are we having a rematch next year. With contact this time?
  8. Arriving at London Victoria and heading for tube to Euston followed by train to Wembley Stadium. Well, thats how it ended up. It was more following NFL fans for the easiest route to the stadium Paul
  9. You'll have to find out from Damien "QB/Ref who knew the rules" Jarrett We've got it won next time. Anyone who lays a hit on Stewart has free drinks for life at UKPatriots events. Disclaimer: I do not condone violence...
  10. I've read a few things over the last couple of weeks that Shaughnessy has wrote. The guy doesn't seem to know anything about the Patriots, UK, fans or just the players in general. Guy needs to start a mailbag so it can be flooded with messages from the UK. I'm obviously in an angry mood tonight My hitlist is growing: BucPower, Paul Stewart, Shaughnessy, the old bloke on the Bucs Flag team that kept complaining... Must need sleep to slow the list down.
  11. I think they were jealous that their media and cheerleaders were there for about half hour, and our guys stayed for the whole game and joined in with the laugh and jokes. It's not our fault they didn't have enough players for 2 teams. Whereas we could have had 4 teams. And people didn't turn up. Do we have a rematch next year lined up? Or maybe we should do it Superbowl Sunday. Maybe in the snow (hopefully)
  12. Not too sure if this is the right place to put it, but I found Paul Stewart to be a complete nob (apologies to all ladies present) I went around the first bit to try and meet a few people and Mrs Laz and a few others pointed out most of you all so I could put names to faces. Then, I went over to see some of the Bucs cheerleaders and meet a few of their fans, and I shook hands with him and he seemed to be pissed off that I didn't know who he was. And even made the comment of saying that it was a surprise I didn't have a Brady shirt like the rest. If i'd been in a better mood, I might have had a go at him, but didn't feel like an argument really. I hope we have a rematch next year. Please. Please. I might accidentally hit someone Brandon Meriweather-style should I be able to play. Unless they go and bring in some more ringers. Hey, maybe the real Bucs could do with some Oakland Raiders fans playing for them. 0-7. Hey, that must suck.
  13. I think it was you that I met on my way in, also trying to find the place and sit around. About now, I was deep in conversation with Brian Lowe.
  14. Yeah, they are brilliant James. Cheers mate. My sister and little cousin have worn theirs as night shirts all week on holiday and i've pretty much done the same. Thanks again
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