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  1. Bought a season pass for the first time, looking forward to the rams vs giants game (friend is a giants fan). Looking forward to going to Twickenham for the first time.
  2. Hanging THAT calendar up would bring bad luck in my house whatever time of year I hung it up! second that ade my better half would kill me, my son said to me at the party "shall we get mammy a calender?" "i doubt she would want one" was my reply lol
  3. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    As i said earlier i am staying at the ibis wembley, i was thinking about travel to and from the party and any other events we could pool knowlege and funds and with saftey in numbers it could be gd to swap numbers and names. we did this last time when we stayed at the green man and it worked out great. Pm if you want to create a hotels close to wembley group.
  4. Ticket Updates

    I am very happy with the view from the cheaper seat cheers ade and the rest of the ukpatriots mods
  5. Patriots Pre Game Party

    All i need to add to this topic is "in ukpatriots mods we trust" Not a ounce of worry that the wont deliver an ace event to be proud of and i am sure they are as excited to give out info as everyone is to recieve it. And if me or anyone is lucky enough to get a ticket then i am sure its going to be a great night.
  6. Ticket Updates

    I emailed you ade telling you my new address and you replied back :-) cheers just seen ur e-mail ade replied again
  7. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Gonna go for the cheaper tickets for me and my boy. will be paying on payday on 24th. cheers all mods on here
  8. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Might reconsider my position because my son is only 6 and the huge price difference might make it alot better value for me.
  9. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Ibis wembley with my eldest. on sat and sun nights
  10. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    so excited about the game and meeting up with you all again becuase everytime is great gonna bring my 6 year old son to his first nfl game
  11. Spare Ticket At Bodeans

    sorry mate already agreed with mark for the 2 he was offering
  12. Spare Ticket At Bodeans

    was mark selling yours? just spoken to him and said i will have the 2 tickets
  13. Spare Ticket At Bodeans

    Deal is done Be joining you all at bodeans tomorrow night
  14. Spare Ticket At Bodeans

    Anyone know if these tickets are still availble ?? might be a chance i could want them
  15. International 2010

    tempted by this...... really like what the 49ers are doing at the moment. if i do go its gonna be a last minute thing depending on funds
  16. International 2010

    i hear tickets are hard to get for games.......
  17. Cafe 2000

    i wanted to thank cafe2000 near the wembley for there stunning breakfast's surely saved me and symon Breakfast Number No.1 mmmmmmm and a mug of tea
  18. Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    green man was fine till about 1.30... then it was queues for everything from beers to toliets and food so thats when i decide to move on you know when i a pub is busy when there a huge queue for the mens i waited about 30 secs for a coors light at the offical tailgate
  19. What A Weekend

    No worries ade lol Had a great time and great seats cheers once again
  20. What A Weekend

    me and my mate sank around 10 or more beers each lol was a stunning game and weekend
  21. What A Weekend

    Yeh nearmy was wearing a thomas jersey .. sure u would have seen me going to get one of many pints or toilet runs
  22. Nfl London Photos On Facebook

    send me copies of them symon and add me to facebook
  23. What A Weekend

  24. What A Weekend

    i was sat in that area i was in block 120 row 32 was wearing a mayo blue jersey and nearmy who was sat next to me was having banter with him
  25. Mug-shots

    once again the silver fox stron in the background..... lol