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  1. Sugar Bear


    I love reading reports when the author's drinking. I expected you to come back in an hour later and say "that Sierra Nevada is really superb..."
  2. Sugar Bear


    Warmer than much of Scotland then (on the drive into Perth at noon yesterday it was -16). 2 pairs of woollen socks, longjohns, many chest layers, 2 pairs of gloves and balaclava. You'll be fine.
  3. Sugar Bear

    Has It Really Been A Year...

    You were fine on the way to the stadium Chelseafan.
  4. Sugar Bear

    Eating ****

    Ha ha ha haaaa ! (quasi-aspergers - don't do emoticons) That's the funniest reply I've read today. Good on you nearmy. I typed sh followed by it, but when I came to look at the posted text it had been blanked out. True story though, that's what the guy said : "I've just eaten sh" "it". Good theory Papa L, but not before 5pm except birthdays, weddings, tailgates, matches, funerals, and Man U or Celtic matches. We've been pretty abstemious this week - detox was needed !
  5. Sugar Bear

    Eating ****

    Pamela just recalled an overheard conversation between 2 Americans at about 4:45, on their way to the Wembley game. Neither of them was known to us. One says to the other : "I've just eaten ****." Papa L - I never liked Ferguson (Barry that is, the blue nose).
  6. Sugar Bear

    Such A Shame

    If Susan's post was for information's sake only, why should she choose the title 'Such a Shame' ? (See also 1st reply to 'Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts') By doing that she expresses (and is perfectly entitled to) a sentiment of unhappiness/dissatisfaction. Similarly I am perfectly entitled to ask why Susan sees everything as such a shame.
  7. Sugar Bear

    Such A Shame

    Must correct you there Mark. Think of it this way. In October 2004 Pittsburgh beat New England in a regular season game. In January 2005 it was the Patriots who won against the Steelers and went on to win it all. Last season the scousers won both league games against United but couldn't prevent United's 11th Premier League title. Which would a United fan rather have ? Mmmmm - let me think about this one. Liverpool have fallen so far from their crowing days that their only ambition is to win 2 matches against United. Reminds me of another club... Agree with the general comments above. Susan, for goodness sakes, since when do you take notice of what fans of other teams say ?
  8. Sugar Bear

    Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    I'd just like to come back on this. A few of us had the impression that considerable drink had been taken by at least one of the guests. My point about a seated reception for the owner was made for two reasons. First that it would allow everyone who wanted to to see him, second that it would encourage both parties to treat the occasion with more composure. In case anyone gets on their high horse, I will state clearly what I think of Robert Kraft. He is one of the best, if not the best, owner in the NFL. He is hands on without being Al Davis, can put money in when needed, makes himself available to the fans and has a good reputation within the NFL. In the years between Billy Sullivan and RK some of the above attributes were missing. In fact even Sullivan was short of cash, otherwise the club would probably still be in Sullivan family hands now. The making himself available to the fans bit (including UK patriots fans) perhaps gives rise to another problem. If arrangements are made, assurances given etc. directly by the owner, the front office is bypassed from the point of view of decision making and becomes merely a secretariat. All very well, but this might cause problems further down the line when RK is not available and you are obliged to deal with a member of the front office (who may be oppositional due to the perceived slight of having been bypassed earlier). Not saying that any of this happened in the case of the preparations for the London game, just a thought. On the question of the member of security staff, I would recommend that all those personally affected (and all witnesses) write individually to RK. I would expect that within a week or so the individual will be back to patrolling Walmart.
  9. Sugar Bear

    Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    Many thanks to Papa and Mrs Lazarou, not only for all the effort they put into the weekend, but personal thanks also from Lauren for their purchase of her game ticket, and from Ed and myself for making tickets available for us out of their allocation. Good to meet up with Kirk again (we had met at the Falcons game and again the next day at Fenway). Kirk, the amount of time you spent in Boston this year supporting both Patriots and Redsox, you were the well deserved wearer of a Superbowl ring. And Mrs Bear recalls that you managed to get beer at the Green Man about 10 times quicker than anyone else. You’re a free spirit, all the best until the next time we meet. Also would like to mention a pleasant walk from the Green Man down to the stadium in the company of Chelseafan71. It was nice to meet you. Friday 23rd October. We got into Holyhead around 3:30pm, then stopped off at Llanfair PG for a short tourist visit (Ed & Lauren saw 4 of the 5 nations of the British Isles this visit, having seen the 5th on previous visits). Then the long drive down, arriving at our hotel near Heathrow just before 10pm. Mrs Lazarou had informed us of the change of plan for Friday night, but we were all pretty tired from the journey (and from serious alcohol abuse the previous 4 nights in Ireland), so we settled in for the evening with a bottle of Famous Grouse. Saturday 24th October. Met up with Papa and Mrs Lazarou outside the Sports Café and went around the corner for a quiet pint (London Pride and Tim Taylors Landlord on offer). Back at the Sports Café I recognised the bouncer, who used to work at the Sports Café in Salford (since folded). I understand that the choice of the venue was influenced/decided by the Patriots organization, but apologies in case any of the following comment causes offence to UK Patriots. If the London Sports Café had been as extensive as the one in Salford used to be - I think the thing would have worked well : at the Salford venue there were 2 side rooms dedicated to meetings etc. and these were the ones where I used to watch playoff games on the big screen in peace whilst a full blown disco was running on the main floor (one time the game went on until 4:15 am, long after the discoers had been thrown out, and the patient bouncers, outnumbering the remaining fans, waited for the game to finish). As it was - presentations and speeches took place in a small, sweaty disco hall. It might have been better for Robert Kraft and Troy Brown to have a side room at their disposal, laid out with seating for the fans. The microphone volume was insane, but once most of my hearing had been numbed out, it was amusing to listen to the Cheerleader - on helium - reading out the bingo numbers. Sunday 25th October. Just my opinion, but I think that this is the one and only time the Patriots play a regular season game in Britain. Why ? Other big name teams will all get a shot over the next few years and before the Patriots turn comes around again I think that the penny will drop with the NFL that nothing much is being gained by playing the game in front of an audience which largely doesn’t understand it. (Not being elitist here - even the experts get some things wrong. An American voice in the UK Pats section shouted out in the 2nd half : “Establish the run”. Sounded like good advice, except that Tampa had the ball) Merchandising could probably be sustained by continuing the tradition of preseason Wembley games. The Mexican wave does not belong in the NFL. Maybe it used to happen at the Kingdome, but they are funny people over there. It just doesn’t belong, and when it happens we have to wait during an officials timeout until people wave themselves out (if I’m wrong, and the Pats do play again in the UK - head for the bar as soon as the wave starts. You won’t miss a thing.) Now I’m certain that this will offend a number of people with this next one, but soccer style chants do not belong in the NFL either. I like soccer (congratulations Revolution) and I enjoy some of the chants, but not in NFL games. Tailgate. What tailgate ? Okay, there are some NFL stadia which don’t/can’t allow tailgates. We thought of Detroit for one. There are a good few modern stadia in the UK now - surely one of them would agree to hosting the NFL and making extensive areas of parking lot available for a proper tailgate. All they need to provide are the handy houses. You can be sure that hotdog and burger stalls will turn up if permitted. Everything else would be provided by the fans, as it is at Foxboro tailgates. I heard that the Green Man was actually one of the better venues and that people arriving from other venues were pleasantly surprised to find that the beer lines were only 25 minutes. We’re pretty sure that bars in the US have a safety restriction on numbers of people and the number of people inside the Green Man would have exceeded that restriction. What if there had been a downpour on Sunday ? If the NFL considers an alternative UK stadium, and stadium parking lot tailgate is still not an option, I hope that they at least choose a stadium with more and better pub options in the immediate vicinity.