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  1. You're right Scouse Pat !!! An extra hour on the lash !!! Sweeeeet !!!!
  2. Tickets requested ...looking forward to it 16 more sleeps
  3. Excellent news ... well done to you organisers Hope to see you there if i get a ticket. (for the party that is game ticket is under my pillow )
  4. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you guys too especially the ones from Liverpool. it will be nice to speak to people with knowledge of the game and the Pats. I'm the only one in work who actually watches and know about the game. I'm flying into Stanstad on the Friday from the Europa league game against Benfica and staying until the monday afternoon. Got my tickets today in the post and was well chuffed.
  5. Got mine ... endzone seats Block 133 Row 7 Seat 318-319 Just checked ticketmaster and there are still seats available... strange considering the "over subscribing" Was gonna get sideline tickets but didnt want to be in the wrong end ! 275 sleeps left
  6. I know where it is now.. I thought that was Ranleigh Street ... Sound !!
  7. That sounds good... But i cant for the life of me picture where Renshaw street is
  8. I will confirm as soon as possible will their be a entrance fee ?
  9. I'll be interested in attending
  10. There will be a lot more Pat fans who will also be going the TM way who aren't on here or joined this site later than the 6th. As with this seasons game there where a hell of alot of Pats jerseys , Hats etc in the crowd. We will have at least 10, 000 fans (just a guess mind )
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