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  1. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    Do we have a pre plan yet? I get into London about 6 and will head straight to hotel to check in
  2. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    So..um....might have booked the last room at Marylebone travel lodge...
  3. If you like beer, do the Sam Adams tour, it's free (bar a donation) and fills an afternoon with beery goodness. Breakfast in the Pour house is also a thing of beauty.
  4. Travel to Boston

    Icelandair are well worth a look for the flights too if you're leaving from a place you struggle to get direct flights from. Very cheap but very comfy planes, friendly staff and a good amount of checked baggage for free.
  5. Yale @ Harvard

    Anyone up for this? Tickets on sale Monday...
  6. Yale @ Harvard

  7. As I mentioned in the RT thread, this game is on the Saturday we are - all things going to plan- in Boston (12pm start), anyone fancy trying to get tickets for it? They go on sale June 23rd, they usually do group discounts but not for the Yale game but i'm sure we could try and contact them to at least make sure we get an allocation together.... Harvard - Yale Game Pricing Premium Endzone Colonnade Tickets $60 $50 $40
  8. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    Yeah, Judy took no crap from her by all accounts.
  9. UKPatriots Tailgate Party (@GBTP, Green Man Hotel, Wembley)

    That would be a fitting description if it's the one I'm thinking of who was just back from Ibeefar.
  10. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    When Bob was on stage there was a woman ducking in and around the area where the flags were (I thought at the time trying to get onto a seat to get a better view) and I think it was her that tried to take one and put it in their bag, but was swiftly told otherwise.
  11. Massive Thank You

    What else can be said that hasn't been said already? Top weekend, top game, top people. Bring on the next one!
  12. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    Just saw on sky news all ba flights to the east coast cancelled with immediate effect. Hope everyone gets home ok.
  13. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Awesome tour. Just like to thank Damien for organising it and any one else involved. Fantastic and some great photo ops too
  14. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    Not quite Logan but I'm sitting in Glasgow departures waiting for flight to Gatwick. Right excited now.
  15. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    If you've got the latest software on the phone just make sure you've got data roaming turned off as well as iMessage, that will stop your phone connecting up. For extra safety, you can disable 3G. All of this is in the network settings.