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  1. How are my fellow Scots planning on travelling down? Me and my mate have been in two minds, the plane is quicker before you add in all the check in palaver then actually getting into the city, its not much cheaper or quicker, so thinking of getting the train, likely an early train, 8am or the likes on the Saturday (or Friday) morning from Glasgow.
  2. Booked Saturday and Sunday in the Travel Lodge Park Royal, but depending on the Friday festivities, I might try tack on an extra night.
  3. I presume if I go into the HSBC in Glasgow tomorrow and pay in the cash, it'll be cleared by deadline time? Anyone know time frames?
  4. Lap of bloody luxury, myself and my compadrés are in the Park Royal Travel Lodge, costing the princely sum of £29 per night. Need beer money likes.
  5. For your Saturday night festivities, why not look into booking a function room at say the Sports Cafe, replay old Pats games on some screens and have NASN's NCAA coverage on others? Edit: Also, as a soon to graduate journalist, if you need anyone to be drafting press releases or any sort of formal stuff, I can assist in that department if need be.
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