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  1. Glasgow_Patriot

    Scotland To London

    Regularly travel by train, so will be all over the cheap deals in a flash, got my rail card etc, just need to wait till they actually release the tickets.
  2. Glasgow_Patriot

    What Hotel Is Everyone Staying At ?

    Booked Saturday and Sunday in the Travel Lodge Park Royal, but depending on the Friday festivities, I might try tack on an extra night.
  3. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Ticket Applications

    I presume if I go into the HSBC in Glasgow tomorrow and pay in the cash, it'll be cleared by deadline time? Anyone know time frames?
  4. Glasgow_Patriot

    Staying In London

    Lap of bloody luxury, myself and my compadrés are in the Park Royal Travel Lodge, costing the princely sum of £29 per night. Need beer money likes.
  5. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Events

    For your Saturday night festivities, why not look into booking a function room at say the Sports Cafe, replay old Pats games on some screens and have NASN's NCAA coverage on others? Edit: Also, as a soon to graduate journalist, if you need anyone to be drafting press releases or any sort of formal stuff, I can assist in that department if need be.