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  1. Glasgow_Patriot

    UPDATED 2016 Roadtrip vs Bills - event thread

    Mind and take your pads guys, you might need to play QB.
  2. Glasgow_Patriot

    2015 Roadtrip planning and discussion thread

    Tupper n I walked that last year-- it's nearer 3 miles in reality and you do have to walk down the hard shoulder and across parking lots adjacent to route 1-- not to be recommended really- especially when dragging a case & carrying a back pack....with a monster hangover from the PourHouse....!!! Not one of you guys finest moments!
  3. Glasgow_Patriot

    2015 Roadtrip planning and discussion thread

    Just to add my 2 cents in, I did the reverse last year I bussed it to NYC from Providence, it was only about 3 hours and was, I think, about $50. Used a company called Peter Pan and it was to the Port Authority in NYC. I would agree with Mandy who suggests that getting from Providence to Gillette/Norwood would be easier and quicker than from Boston.
  4. And, I vote, they can sit a basic currency test before going
  5. Glasgow_Patriot


    I'd be tempted with the Bills MNF purely because it's around Thanksgiving, night games can be hella cold though. Good choice though- enjoy whatever game you go to guys!
  6. Glasgow_Patriot

    UK Patriots 2015 Superbowl Party (FULL)

    Have a great time guys, I will make it one of these years... as things stand I am going to be watching it with my mate Kenny (some of you may remember him from the Bucs Wembley game...) which in itself isn't a bad thing, but the only other Super Bowl we watched together never actually happened as I recall. So here's hoping for a better one this time.
  7. I can confirm it is absolutely freezing. Currently about -5
  8. ..... The coldest weather since last March will grip the Boston area through the middle of the week. Highs most days will be in the 30s F. Temperatures will plunge well below freezing at night. Temperatures typically range from a low in the upper 30s to a high near 50 degrees during the third week of November. Factoring in wind and other conditions AccuWeather RealFeelĀ® temperatures can be 20 degrees lower than the actual temperature at times. ......
  9. i have a text saying its active. so if i get charged i will sort them out Fair enough, I was told (again, by a customer and they are generally....I couldn't say in a public forum) that you need to activate it every day.
  10. Be careful with it though, as unless you specifically activate it, if someone calls you, you'll get charged. Or so a customer told me in work. I've went for Three's feel at home service and got my O2 phone unlocked.
  11. Ugh. That well and truly sucks.
  12. I was just coming here to post that exact same thing- I get in about 5.30, will go to hotel, check in and dump stuff and head out to stave off the time change, reckon I'll get to Whiskeys about half 8/9
  13. Anyone made any tentative plans for the Friday night?
  14. Had a wee scout of Accuweather and it is reckoning potential for rain/snow mix on Friday and Saturday..... that could be fun for those of us attending the Harvard game sitting on those lovely concrete seats...
  15. Glasgow_Patriot

    2014 RT Transport

    If we are short of lifts/drivers, my mate who is coming over will be driving, he is travelling up from Rhode Island but can swing by hotel and take up to 4 bodies if need be on game day.
  16. Is anyone else going via Iceland on the Thursday or am I solo-boozing the full way and if so- God help me.
  17. Glasgow_Patriot

    2014 RT Transport

    We definitely need code names for all these Neils!
  18. With mobiles in mind, anyone with an unlocked phone grab a Three SIM card- USA is a 'feel at home' place- you can make/receive calls, texts and use data at no extra cost.
  19. Scrap that last post- he just paid $325 for tickets in 121. Mentalist.
  20. If there are any spares, my mate has just booked flights but the prices on ace ticket are about $200 at the moment
  21. There's still time.... Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubhub
  22. I'd kinda like it to be later on- the idea of having to get lubed up from about 9am is a challenge- especially after a possible late night at the hockey, much rather do my drinking in a steady amount throughout the day, but after the freezing cold weather of the MNF game the same weekend last time I was there, I dunno if I'd fancy an 8.30... I don't think they will flex out the Giants/Cowboys.
  23. In terms of the cars, I think it's going to make sense that I go with Nedpears as we are going to the Harvard game on Saturday so saves having to try and get down to norwood and back up and then back again.
  24. I've got a room booked if you want to share that one.