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  1. If someone can pick me up the gameday program and doesn't mind holding on to it until Wembley, I'd appreciate it
  2. I bit the bullet and am going to get a flight down on Thursday night and stay at a mates in Wood Green so I'll be good to go whatever the time if it goes ahead
  3. Is there any update on whether or not this is likely to happen? Just trying to get travel etc sorted.
  4. Matt (Ringsell) has also sent a message to me saying he's interested.
  5. I'd definitely be interested but like others will depend on travel plans, I'll do a bit of scouting about for train/plane times to get me down from Glasgow, the later the better on the Friday though for sure.
  6. Anyone swithering with the finances DO IT. I'm gutted at not being able to make this years, you won't regret it. It's not (yet) too late!
  7. I can't say highly enough- if you can afford it for the love of god go! I went to my first one last year and am gutted not being able to afford this year. As a guide, I flew from Glasgow, flights were around £450 return, my accomodation (this was for a week) came in at £150ish (including a night at the RT hotel) and I took about £750 in spending money.
  8. Submitted. Bring it on. As stu, i'll also just round up whatever it comes to as a donation to the site.
  9. Enjoyed the pre-game before the Bucs game and as i'm staying closer to it this time will no doubt spend more time in it, should be a goody.
  10. I'm having a party of 1 in my front room. I'll lay on Chowdah, Wings and Sam Adams for myself. Fun times.
  11. Like a BIG bump for 2012
  12. Just arrived home, decided against the 14 hour lay-over in Heathrow and instead paid £113 for a train up the road (a sore one, but it's an extension of what truly has been the trip of a lifetime for me). Good to meet new faces and catch up with older ones too. A very memorable trip to say the least and I'm sure it would not have been the same without 5 Quarters.
  13. 35f? That's summer in Scotland.... is that factoring wind chill? All packed, all printed, ready to go. Up for the airport at 4am. Bring it.
  14. Hope the guys who are already off got off fine and to those going tomorrow, I am insanely jealous of you, but it'll soon be me. My first trip to the States and I am like a kid before christmas. Had a bit of a stressful week to say the least so I cannot wait to plant my ample posterior on a "comfy" airplane seat and enjoy some refreshments! See you on the otherside.
  15. That last point is a good one, do you guys usually swap numbers so can arrange meet ups etc? I just realised with it being 2 days before people start to go, that might be a good idea? lol
  16. Anyone up for this? I would love to do it but can't drive, if someone is up for it I'd be more than happy to cover petrol etc As for the tour, gutted it's the day we arrive, sounds like it'll be a goody!
  17. Anyone on the 11.20 on the Friday? What's the latest with the Saturday night party thing?
  18. Mainly half way up the eifell tower. Lots of other outdoorsy places in Scotland and Motherwell, nothing is really weirder than Motherwell.
  19. I find the centre of London pretty easy to work my way round....I've got quite a good sense of direction and usually know roughly where i'm going in advance anyhoo Pourhouse sounds like a pub....take it there's lots of good bars in Boston? Skating also opening at Patriot Place that day too. I want to check off ice-skating to add to my list of weird places to skate.
  20. It's so close. Thinking of stuff I'm going to try and do, if anyone has been and can recommend/wants to tag along, let me know? Tour of Fenway Sam Adams Brewery JFK Museum Duck Tour I literally have no idea of the geography of Boston either, is it worthwhile getting a map or something or is it like London and pretty easy to navigate from the centre?
  21. That's what the green dots are for! Looks like it's going to be snowing on the Sunday we get there, although the long range forecast is quite unreliable, latest shows "wintry mix".
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