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  1. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Entertainment Announced

    Flower of Scotland ain't much better sadly, now if only people can agree to the words of Highland Cathedral, we're talking. Personally, I agree with Billy Connolly, get the Archers theme played.
  2. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Weekend

    Me and my mate are flying down from Glasgow on the Friday and back on the Monday on the afternoon Easyjet if that's what you happen to be doing?
  3. Another question RE the SC, what are they going to be like after it, as in, are they going to be happy with people staying after 10 but still in Pats gear or are we getting turfed out?
  4. That is superb, would be fantastic to see the man at the SC.
  5. Glasgow_Patriot

    Staying In London

    You going to the party at night? Just thinking it may be easier for us if we can find a group to jump in a taxi home after it and split it rather than worry about last tube and enjoy a few more brewskis?
  6. Glasgow_Patriot

    Staying In London

    Sweet. Patriot City!
  7. Glasgow_Patriot

    Staying In London

    Anyone else staying in the Park Royal Travel Lodge?
  8. Glasgow_Patriot

    Ukpatriots @ Bucpower 'alan Newcombe' Flag Football Tournament

    Think I'll definitely need to come see this, sounds like its going to be a great day.
  9. What time is the last tube on the Picadilly line usually? Just wondering whether I'll have time to hang about after it for more beer before having to return to my digs or if I'll be forking out for a cab. This looks like it's going to be seriously awesome.
  10. Glasgow_Patriot

    Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    Are they fruit of the loom or whatever? Just trying to figure out a sizing guide to see what I'll take...
  11. Any ball park figures for the price?
  12. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Seating Plan & Other Info By Email

    The Saturday night is going to be the business, I have every confidence in these gents to provide a real memorable night.
  13. Glasgow_Patriot


    What's the closest Tube station?
  14. Glasgow_Patriot

    Get Together In London The Night Before

    Good to hear there's something in the works!
  15. Glasgow_Patriot

    Staying In London

    I just saw Avenue Q's run at the Gielgud Theatre has been extended, was originally ending in September. Can I just say to anyone going to be in London, that it is a phenomonal show, well worth seeing, other events permitting, think i'll take in the Saturday Matinee.
  16. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Attendees

    I'm arriving on Friday afternoon and meeting up for drinks with Ringsell from the boards, any other UKPats that are around and want to get a few sly jars in are more than welcome to come along for a drink. Got accom. booked for Saturday and Sunday (Park Royal Travel Lodge anyone?) so gonna crash at his on the Friday. Head into the city on Saturday afternoon, probably hit Camden markets and out at night, check if there's any decent gigs on/go to whatever the UK Pats are all up to then aye, after the game on Sunday, would be good to go back and find a pub to watch the late games...maybe see if we can book team room at Sports Cafe (seagull?) and pile in there? Monday, leaving in the evening back up the road so will spend the day recovering in a heap.
  17. Glasgow_Patriot

    Staying In London

    You'll be BA though, being quite the student bum I'm happy to head down on Queasyjet. Get into Central London about 5pm hopefully, few jars then out to Ringsell's area for more beer and then into town on Saturday for UKPatriots carnage.
  18. Glasgow_Patriot

    Staying In London

    Thankfully I scouted London when I was down with the missus for the weekend in July, found a really nice pub up the West End. Flights now booked, leaving Glasgow on Friday at 13.15 and Stansted on the Monday at 19.30. The princely sum of £32, does ye. Any other Scottish based Pats heading down on those flights?
  19. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Attendees

    Might as well come down on the Friday then, even if its just for a few (dozen) beers somewhere. Thanks for the heads up though.
  20. Glasgow_Patriot

    Wembley Attendees

    Is there any details of plans for the Friday/Saturday yet? Just looking into booking my travel and if there's definitely going to be something on the Friday, I'll book to come down then.
  21. Glasgow_Patriot

    Pats In London

    Are there any events planned? A few people I know generally book the S.C for the Saturday night for the NCAA games etc, maybe a possibility...
  22. Glasgow_Patriot

    Pats In London

    Are there any steadfast plans for events yet? My current plan is travelling down early Saturday morning, but if theres gonna be Friday shenanigans, I may have to come down a bit earlier...
  23. Glasgow_Patriot

    UKPats Wembley Seats

    Excellent, the excitement just kicked up a notch.
  24. Glasgow_Patriot

    Scotland To London

    How are my fellow Scots planning on travelling down? Me and my mate have been in two minds, the plane is quicker before you add in all the check in palaver then actually getting into the city, its not much cheaper or quicker, so thinking of getting the train, likely an early train, 8am or the likes on the Saturday (or Friday) morning from Glasgow.
  25. Glasgow_Patriot

    Scotland To London

    12 weeks is generally the period they release the tickets.