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    PATRIOTS!!! Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Plymouth Argyle, Inverness Thistle, yes, in a previous life I remember kicking a ball around with those two clubs...(along w/ Shirley McClaine, I'm sure)...there is SOMETHING in the smell of that English soil that triggered it when I happened to visit both places and kicked a ball about....
    also, work in TV, Films and Stage, toured Europe/Scandinavia several times with "EVITA", travel a lot, also work here in the states escorting visitors for the DOS
  1. I'm There..yesssss

    Congrats!...you deserve several beers!...in Pittsburgh now myself, wearing a Pats shirt...thru several sports bars...and their many Black&Gold covered souvenir stores....you should have seen their face when I asked; "You must get a lot of drag queens in here, no?"
  2. Chants...

    Paul, thats a great one...not only is it true, but since it repeats itself, those w/ short term memory loss can even master it..despite how many beers they've consumed, also Tampa Bay are 0-3 right now... simple, and to the point..
  3. Chants...

    I love em all..makes me laugh...but NOTHING impressed me more than when a bunch of us from all over the country, went to the Arizona game in Tempe, several years ago, and despite being scatterred all over the stadium,and not knowing there were that many Pats' fans there, a simple chant went up right before the kick-off: right after the coin toss, and built momentum right up to the kick-off: "PA-TRI-OTS!" clap, clap " PA-TRI-OTS!" clap, clap I know, it's simple, and maybe boring as far as songs and chants go...but I'll never forget it, since it seemed to come from out of nowhere, (and I think to this day the Arizona Pats fans had something to do with starting it, WAS THAT YOU NEM!???).. it immedietely established a Patriot presence, and annoyed the crap out of the locals... the game was not a sell-out and there were MANY blue Pats shirts...lets do it again for this years kick-off!!
  4. Ticket Exchange

    Laureen, I'm sorry to hear your sitters bagged out, bring the kids we'll watch over em!...like my earlier message to ya today, my fence sitting, procrastinating, friends are STILL shopping for a flight! and I've pretty much given up...hell, I can't afford this trip either...as for my N.H. brother and the one in VT. they have decided to go to Foxboro, VT brother joins me this wknd, it's his 60th!!! and NH brother will don winter gear for the last home game vs Jax...
  5. UKPats Wembley Seats

    LOL! no your not alone, a friend from Peebles also has a thing for St. Mirren ( and he thought he had two heads!)
  6. Get Together In London The Night Before

    It's absolutly great that we are able to get together before the game, but please, dear moderators of this wonderful sight, don't feel like there has to be anything elaborate planned for any of us yanks coming over...I think a tailgate at "Green Man" before the game to sorta counter the "official NFL tailgate" @ Wembley would be just as good...as many of us will end up going to both anyway,, (though if I know the NFL, there gig may be more expensive)...IF there is something planned for that Sat. night before the game, be it a post flag football game pint somehwere or something closer to Wembley, then it's up to whoever wants to attend...I just think you folks have your hands full enough with the tickets distribution, the flag game and the meet-up game day at the green man
  7. Get Together In London The Night Before

    Hello Stephanie & Brian!...Lynn, MA. geez, I have a pretty bad memory of getting our butts kicked in Manning Bowl.. (I went to Greater Lawrence Tech)..but thats besides the point....I'm just wondering how many hundreds...maybe thousands of New England fans are coming to London who aren't even aware of this great sight...
  8. Staying In London

    Cliff in NYC here, and I'm told that if I leave London without seeing "War Horse" @ the New London theatre, then the trip wasn't worth it...of course, they had no idea I was going for my beloved PATRIOTS!...however, I DO HAVE to see this exceptional piece of theatre, so I went to the National Theatres web site and booked a stall seat for tue. Oct. 27...it won a bunch of awards, and will make it to nyc eventually, but I'm told this is a "must see" (also the National has a 10pound deal every day) for any Actors Equity members or those with an unemployment card, which to us here is pretty much the same thing..
  9. New England rocks and I haven't even been there ... yet! :D

    Go Patriots/Redsox...

  10. Ticket Exchange

    Hello Mr. Seagull...thanks for that update...as I know there are a couple of friends here in NYC who have been sitting on the fence....likewise a brother up in new hampshire...I'm not about to twist there arms, they either want to commit or not....I hyped this event enough...thnx again
  11. Ticket For Pats V Buccs At Wembley

    I'm sure you may have already unloaded that tix... I've a sitting on the fence friend who is flying over and has no ticket and who I am about to kill...well, keep me posted...I'm sure there may be other tix/no shows that may surface...I also may have an extra tix for the Sept. 27 game in FXBRO vs ATL.
  12. Wembley Ticket Updates

    Yes, Thanks from stopping me from setting up my lawn chair near the mail box...(as long as they get here before I fly out Oct.17)...which makes me wonder if the tix are sent from Wembley, or the NFL offices here in NY?
  13. Ukpats & Patriots.com/pfw

    was wondering if there are any sports pubs that show NFL games in the London area? there mus be, no?
  14. wes welker rocks!! and he's damn good lookin!

  15. I myself would be thrilled to meet as many of the UK Pats fans as possible, I see where the Wembley Club seats went on sale today on NFLUK, priced in the statosphere...I have registered w/them and will have to cross my fingers when the general sale starts on Jan. 22.. (I'd also hope to possibly return the favour when the Pats play their annual game at Dolphin Stadium, and Daves' Last Resort Sports bar in Lake Worth, FL. sponsers a bus down to the game complete w/ game tickets, food and unlimited beer. ) I've done it for the past 5 years, and it's ususally a large majority of blue Patriots shirts. (Dolphins schedule gets a lot tougher next yr. as they face 6 play-off teams, and the 6 tough divisional opponents)