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    PATRIOTS!!! Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Plymouth Argyle, Inverness Thistle, yes, in a previous life I remember kicking a ball around with those two clubs...(along w/ Shirley McClaine, I'm sure)...there is SOMETHING in the smell of that English soil that triggered it when I happened to visit both places and kicked a ball about....
    also, work in TV, Films and Stage, toured Europe/Scandinavia several times with "EVITA", travel a lot, also work here in the states escorting visitors for the DOS

About Me

Cliff here in NYC, born and raised in Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, you can take the boy out of New England, BUT! My heaahhts still up theayahh, (thats how they talk, the letter R is not aknowledged unless it starts a word)...as for my beloved PATRIOTS! it's not easy having to live here in Big Apple, being a huge New England fan, but after almost 30 years, I've adjusted/adapted.

I'm an actor/singer which is why I have to be here, but my first live encounter was when my 2 older brothers and I walked into Fenway Park at half time during a blizzard and they were getting clobbered by Buffalo 45-10, this was before the AFL-NFL merger, we froze our butts off and were escorted to the exits after getting caught throwing snowballs. I followed them faithfully wearing my tri-corner hat (till it was stolen) watching them get hammered by the then Baltimore Colts at Harvard Stadium,(cold cement seats) to Boston College's Alumni Field, to the cold aluminum seats of the old Shaefer (named for a beer) Stadium watching them lose to the then Houston Oilers in a very rare playoff game....then came Bill Parcells,playoffs, then came Belichick,Division Titles, then came 3 super bowls!...well after the Baseball Red Sox, Basketball Celtics, and Hockeys' Bruins, I really feel quite blessed in who I've sworn allegiance to since I was a kid..(think of the poor Lions fans in Detroit!?!).well, I've rambled on way too long...I LOVE the PATRIOTS!! have followed them all over the US, since it's damn near freakin impossible to get a ticket up in Foxborough, so I've gone to Indy, AZ, Minneapolis, Jax, Buf. and Miami and of course risked life and limb across the river at the Jets games...but, I don't care....I'm ready to swim across the atlantic to see them at wembley, and to think I went to one of the first NFL games there, a meaningless pre-season S.F.-Miami game long before the place was refurbished...I can't believe the NFL has FINALLY given the Pats a game there...any other UK Pats fans find themselves here in NYC, make sure ya let me know!

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