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  1. Not a great performance by the Patriots but it's still great to be at the game. Thanks to everyone who organized the trip; there must be a lot of work behind the scenes to make it run smoothly and it really is appreciated.
  2. Looks like things are coming together and thanks to everyone who responded to Warren's mail. The Hampton Inn only has three double rooms available as there is a large party coming in for the same game who booked out 60 rooms last October. However, many of the king rooms also come with a sofa bed so that gives another option on sleeping arrangements. I'm hoping to get the price down as well but naturally there's no telling what the exchange rate will be by then. WiFi and breakfast is still included. They're going to get the paperwork out to Howard and we'll let everyone know the booking details once it's done. If you book before that then you won't get the UK Patriots rate.
  3. It does seem that the sentiment for everyone to meet following last year's trip has changed but it's a moot point now. As for hotels, Howard has made contact with some of them and most are very slow to reply. Last year's was the Hampton Inn in Norwood and they are quoting rates for a twin room on October 1st of $197.10 per night if a booking is for ten rooms or more. Regular price is $219.10. All rooms have free breakfast and wifi. I have no idea how to contact people outside the forum so this is the place for anyone to express an opinion on whether they want to use this hotel again. Nothing is booked or held so prices are subject to change.
  4. The plans for the trip look like they have evolved so it may help to add some background on what we've been working on here. Many people will remember the discussion after last year's event where people reflected on some aspects of the road trip that some weren't happy about. People wanted a meeting before the game and we can't walk in to a restaurant the night before the game and ask for a table for 30 so something would need to be organised. Howard pursued this: talked to some venues, checked what's available, worked out whether they will be suitable. Some places that would seem an ideal location ruled themselves out - CBS Scene at Patriot Place is an obvious spot but they will just lump us in with everyone else which means we would be scattered around trying to find tables in a busy restaurant. Lots of places are like this, so if we want more than a vague plan to meet at a bar on Saturday night, we're left with the option of hiring a room. Of all the places available, the British Brewing Company was deemed the best option as it's close to Foxboro in a self-contained space with everything we could need. Not sure where the talk of a formal meal came from; the plan was for a buffet with people responsible for their own costs at the bar. That would be cheaper than most restaurant meals and give everyone a chance to mingle and talk. The venue really is very good and doesn't fit the faux English pub stereotype of horse brasses and Watney's. It's a mid-range American restaurant with a good selection of food and drink. Not surprisingly, hotels and venues around Foxboro make a lot of their money on game weekends. The only way to make any sort of plan with a restaurant is to put down a deposit to hold the space or someone else will take it so that was done. This doesn't mean we have no choice as the deposit is refundable but without some sort of commitment, the venue won't hold the room. Having a booking also gave us the option to reach out to other visiting out of state fan clubs and the Patriots organisation to make for a combined event and that was planned to be the next step. Can't do that without having a place to meet first. In the meantime, some structure has already come together. Neil has done a fantastic job on booking Red Sox tickets with people looking forward to a trip to the Pour House afterwards. It's always packed after a Sox game but that's part of the fun so perhaps that should serve as the pre-game meeting. There doesn't seem to be much consensus on hotels either so perhaps that's better left open. Some people may want to enjoy themselves in Boston through to Sunday morning or head out closer to Foxboro on Saturday. Getting a block room rate is really difficult around game time and the hotels want someone to visit them in person as they get endless phone and email requests. Blocks are usually ten rooms or more so there's no point in requesting it if people are going to be scattered around the area. For reasons of time and geography, Howard has put in a huge amount more work than me on this with visits to hotels and restaurants. I'm genuinely sorry that his efforts aren't going to pay off but hopefully everyone will still get the most out of their trip to Boston. If it is anyone's first time in New England, you'll absolutely love it here and will want to come back. Hopefully, you'll be telling everyone on future trips about the time you saw Jimmy Garoppolo destroy the Bills on a happy weekend in Foxboro. - Tim
  5. Sorry to hear that Dave. Get well soon and hope to see you on the next trip.
  6. My first choice is the Bills game, second is Dolphins.
  7. That's great news Mandy. Thanks for setting this up again. I'm leaning towards the Bills as well. Thursday game isn't good for me and many of us saw the Patriots vs. Rams in London a little while ago. There's still no word from either the team or Brady on whether he's going to appeal so there's a chance the suspension is put on hold again. If anyone's planning seeing another sport while they're here, Houston is the one for the Red Sox as they play the Yankees at Fenway during the preceding weekend. Bills & Rams are best for hockey but the Buffalo game will be during preseason for the Celtics. Too early to know if they'll be home or away though.
  8. The variable pricing schedule for the coming season is up on the Patriots website: http://www.patriots.com/sites/patriots.com/files/20160505_seatingmap_pricing.pdf Not sure how much this affects possible games for the road trip but the Dolphins, Bengals and Seahawks are listed as the premier home games of the season.
  9. Wish I could come along again this year but won't be able to make it. Shame it won't be the Patriots in the big game but it should still be a great night. Is anyone going to be rooting for the Broncos? Anyone?
  10. Hi Howard, happy to help if I can and please add me to the mail list of the people over here. Everyone will have a different agenda for their trip but a focus on getting together as a group in the 24 hours around the game is a great idea. Dinner the night before at CBS Scene would also give people a chance to spend more time looking around Patriot Place without the game day crowds. It would also give us more of a chance to meet fellow UK Patriots as time at the tailgate goes very quickly and there never seems to be enough time to talk to everyone. If there's a chance of a Bruins game then that would be great but we're not going to know if that's a possibility until much closer to the time. It looks like there's a lot of support for the idea of doing something beyond attending the game so hopefully we can find enough activities to make a full weekend of it.
  11. We really enjoyed the day and the result couldn't put a damper on how much fun it is to do the road trip. Thanks to everyone involved in organizing the day. Getting a visit from the former players was a real bonus. They seemed to enjoy it too and weren't in any hurry to leave and get back in the stadium. Already looking forward to next year's event!
  12. Wasn't sure if we would be able to get to the hotel on Sunday morning or have to meet everyone at the stadium. It looks like we'll be down early enough and will have two spaces in the car if anyone needs a lift to Foxboro. We're going to be getting on the road straight after the game as we have a long drive home so not sure about giving anyone a ride back again. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
  13. No - You do not need an ESTA if you are travelling by road. I quote from the Department of Homeland Security's website (https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/WebHelp/ESTA_Screen-Level_Online_Help_1.htm#ta1) As I said .. "Unless you are a citizen of a Visa Waiver Program country .. " As UK citizens we are part of said VWP, so Danny would be correct that as a UK citizen he can enter by road without ESTA, so I most humbly apologise for my earlier assertion Yep, looks like you can. My bad too. Probably still worth getting if it would it mean you avoid filling out that green I94W form at the border and handing it in when you leave.
  14. Did David say that!? My ESTA recently expired, but not sure whether I need to re-new coming in from Canada. You'll need an ESTA. The border from Canada is a little less crowded than the airports but they follow the same procedures and there's a high chance you'll be refused entry if you don't have the right documents in place. They may let you sort an ESTA on the spot but it's not worth taking the risk.
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