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  1. WHAT? Anywhere I look, it's either sunny or covered. http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/London+UKXX0085:1:UK http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2643743
  2. Do we have an official twitter/googleplus hashtag for this year's game? I will post some pics during the game for the ones who won't be there.
  3. Sorry for the stupid question, but... is the Wembley stadium covered? LOL
  4. I can't be at the pre-game party, as I'll be flying to London on Saturday night but I really hope to attend the tailgate.
  5. Ok, so a compact camera should be fine, right? Right?
  6. Do you know if cameras and video cameras are allowed in the stadium during the game? Nothing too fancy, a small compact camera and maybe a video camera, if I manage to buy one before the game.
  7. True, I had to use Incognito mode in Chrome and make several queries before I got some nice tickets, block 120, so I'll be on the lower sideline. As of now, it looks like they're all gone.
  8. Damn. http://www.nfluk.com/opinions/articles/temporary-postponement-ticket-sales-continues
  9. Do you already know what level/block tickets are you going to get? Or is that up to the NFL to decide? I'm seriously thinking about going with my girlfriend, is she going to be the only girl in the stadium?
  10. So the Club Seats tickets on sale today are for seats on the second level on the endzone?
  11. Thank you Ensign, I appreciate it.
  12. Could someone please tell my how the ticket ordering process works on ticketmaster.co.uk (because that's where the tickets are going to be sold, right?)? Are tickets going to be nominative or can I give a ticket to someone else if someone bails out? I plan on buying two tickets, the other person isn't so sure about it (and won't be by February 1st), but I don't want to risk missing this one.
  13. Hey guys, I just registered here. I'm an Italian fan/London lover and I hope to get some tickets for this game! Can't wait!
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