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Found 3 results

  1. Just curious if anyone will be on my flight to London. We are on Virgin12, leaving Wed night at 7:45 and flying back to Boston on Monday, Virgin 11. Hope to see some other fans.
  2. If you've applied for Wembley tickets, please make sure that you "Whitelist" the UKP ticket email address, or add the address to your approved contacts. Some email applications will do this automatically when you used the address as the sender for your application, but please check. This will ensure that any updates or information sent out, is not flagged as apm by your email client. Anybody who has applied but not received payment details, please let me know. Payments are due in 12 days. Any latecomers for any more?
  3. The other thread's got a little long, so let's start again. Listen very carefully. I shall say this only once ... Herewith begins the start of registration for Wembley 2012 tickets. This is just a registration process, and is not a commitment to buy. After you apply, you will receive an automated acknowledgement with details on how to pay for your tickets. If you do not receied this within 24 hours, please let me know. Once you make payment, you will receive another meail to confirm .. so make sure you fill in your e-mail address correctly on the application. Some details: The NFL have offered us a range of tickets, but in order to keep it simple, and to keep UKPatriots together as much as possible, we will take up just two sections one at the top price £100, and a second section at £50. The top price will be lower tier, patrtiots sideline, the cheaper seats are upper end zone. u-16s can get £17.50 seats in the £50 block. Allocation: To be eligible for tickets, you must first have completed the "About me" section on your forum profile. Include at least your home town / county. Doesn't need to be a full life history, just a friendly "this is me". It would also be courteous to introduce yourself to our community via a "Hello" message in the "New Members" forum. You may apply for (up to) 4 tickets if you fulfil all of the criteria below: - You were a forum member on Thursday 19th January. - You are listed on the official Fan Club Register (maintained by Jaco) - You posted on the site at least once between September 1st and January 19th You may also apply for (up to) 4 tickets if you have attended any of our last 3 Superbowl parties or Road trips (i.e after Wembley 2009). All other members who registered between 19th January and 26th January may apply for up to 2 tickets, provided that you have made at least one post to say "Hi" or otherwise introduce yourself. Extra Tickets: If you require more tickets, please let me know and provide details of the guests you wish to bring. We want as many Pats fans as possible together. The forum moderators (not me, I've got enough to do) will consider any request and do what they can to accommodate any genuine request. This applies equally to both 4 & 2 ticket eligibility members. Rules: Any tickets purchased through the UKPatriots may not be offered for re-sale without our knowledge. Under no circumstances may any tickets be offered for sale above their face value. You may not re-use use other members allocation for tickets. Purchasing tickets through UKPatriots, does not guarantee access to any other events arranged in part or whole by the UKPatriots, although where possible, we will try to offer priority to UKP ticket holders. Charges: I hope that we will avoid paying the Ticketmaster booking fee by working directly with the NFL, but UKP we charge £2 to cover postage by recorded delivery. You will also have the option to make a donation to UKPatriots funds at the time of payment. It costs £230 pa to host this site, and we rely solely on your donations. Data Protection: The information you send will not be made public (myself and Swindon Patriot shall have access). We may share some non-financial details with other UKP moderators for the purpose of other Wembley 2012 events. It will not be used for any other purpose. By sending the email, you accept this, and give us permission to hold the data for the purpose stated. Distribution: Tickets will be sent out recorded delivery (signed for). We may not get them until a few days before the game (though I hope not). We will have LIMITED posibility for them to be collected on the Friday or Saturday beforehand if they arrive too late and mess with your travel plans. Overseas applicants may also collect. What you have to do now (at last we get to the good bit) Send an e-mail to TICKETS with domain name = [ @ ] UKPatriots . com You can work it out .. It is written like this to minimise "Phishing". PM me if you can't. Use the EXACT eMail title ..."UKP Wembley 2012 ticket application from (member name) " If you have any questions, send a SEPARATE email with the title "UKP Wembley 2012 ticket question from (member name)" Use the EXACT template below to provide your details. No not include extra line breaks, comments, spaces, smileys or anything else. Do NOT OMIT any lines which do not apply to you (just leave them blank). I just want the completed template, as laid out below, so that I can easily macro this into a spreadsheet. Adding or removing anything else just creates much more work for me. I will return incorrect forms for you to re-submit. Do not include any other text (sorry just wanted to repeat that). Leave only 1 space after the colon before your answer. Do not use "tabs" or try to space your answer to make it look neat. The body of the email (for applications) must contain ONLY the information below (including the *s) : Title: *FirstName: *Lastname: *Email: *MemberID: *Phone(primary): Phone(alt1): Phone(alt2): *Quantity: *TicketType: UKPDonation£: u-14s: u-18s: *Address1: Address2: *PostTown: Region: *PostCode: Country: Guest1: Guest2: Guest3: The fields marked * are mandatory. More information. - Firstname / Lastname will be the ticket holder, and will be responsible for handling the tickets for the purpose of fraud/touting. You must be a forum member. - Guest names. Where possible, please supply names of guests who will be using your other tickets. We may need this for the NFL as an additional anti-fraud/tout measures. It also helps us when arranging other events. We understand that this may change between now and October, and you are not obliged to bring the person(s) named. - Email. Check and double check it. This will be the primary method of ticket communication after you have submitted your application. - Member Id should be exactly as displayed on the forum (with spaces and upper/lower case) - Phone: Provide at least 1 phone number, preferably a mobile which you will have over Wembley weekend. The more numbers you provide, the easier it is to get in touch at any time of the day in case of problems. - Quantity: Enter ticket quantity in whole numbers (no brackets no text) - Ticket type: should be either 100 or 50 (To represetn £100 or £50 option) - UKP Donation£: - If you would like to contribute to the cost of running this site and getting some commemorative flags printed, please enter a full £ amount here (no decimals). It won't affect your application if you choose not to. - u-16s: We need this in case a discount is available. Enter number of u-14s (not names or ages). - u-18s : We need this in case we use the information for other events which have any age-related restrictions attached to them. Enter number of u-18s (not names or ages). - Address is the FULL DELIVERY address that you want your tickets sent to. Make sure it is an address where the tickets can be signed for. You can change it later if need be. In 2009, we were only able to send them 4 days before the game. Example email: From: Secret Seagull To: Tickets <email address formatted from above> Subject: UKP Wembley 2012 ticket application from Secret_Seagull Title: Mr *FirstName: Secret *Lastname: Seagull *Email: Secret_Seagull@ ... *MemberID: Secret_Seagull *Phone(primary): 07777123456 Phone(work): 02078595174 Phone(home): *Quantity: 3 *TicketType: 100 UKPDonation£: 15 u-14s: 1 u-18s: 0 *Address1: 10 Great Marlborough St Address2: *PostTown: London Region: *PostCode: W1F 7LP Country: UK Guest1: Mike Seagull Guest2: Amy Seagull Guest3: That's it. Over to you. See who can make the most mistakes? Cheers, SS
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