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Saturday Party - Faq

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In response to the many questions we have been asked, please find an FAQ below. To apply for tickets, please return to the Saturday Party thread and follow the instructions to email Tickets@UKPatriots.com: If you have further questions, please post those in the other thread too. We'll update this as we go.



Is this strictly for Patriots fans ? I may not be a full Patriots fan, but I do like them.

It is a Patriots party, and we are pre-selling to Patriots fans. We do, however, realise that some Pats fans in the UK may want to come with friends who have not yet seen the light. So If a Pats fan wants to bring one non-Pats friend, that's fine by us.

Of course, if there are any tickets not sold in advance, they will be able to be purchased on the door after 6pm on Saturday. If you're in neutral colours, no-one's going to complain.

Is it Patriots colours only ?

Almost .. Red Sox will be allowed of course. BC Eagles maybe. No other NFL team and no soccer team please. And absolutely NO NYY caps - You will be escorted round the corner and thrown into the Trafalgar Square fountains!


How many tickets are for sale? What are the chances of the event selling out?

There are approx. 500 tickets. We expect it to be a sell-out.

We have pre-sold 100 to UKPatriots members.

We have another 100 available for pre-purchase in the UK.

We are expecting one tour organiser from Boston to take around 200.

That leaves a further 100 which may be reserved for collection/payment at the door.

I live in Glasgow , will the tickets be posted or will my name and guest name be on a list ?

Any pre-paid tickets to UK addresses will either be mailed to you, or they can be left for collection at the door, as you prefer.

Reserved tickets that are not pre-paid will need to be collected at the door. You will need your name, and a photo ID.


How is payment to be made , do you accept paypal ?

Sorry, but no paypal this time. We will take pre-payment by UK bank transfer only,

Please email Tickets@UKPatriots.com to request instructions.

If I apply for tickets how soon before I know if I have been successful ?

We've only just annouced this, so any of the early ticket applications will be OK so far. You will receive an email confirmation together with details of how to collect tickets.


My son is travelling from the US with me. He's 13. Can I get a ticket for him?

We have some very limited space for under-18s, and some very stringent conditions:

We have 6 "family tables" available.

Any u-18s must be pre-registered with us, and accompanied by their parent/guardian.

If successful, you will be allocated one of the family tables (you may have to share).

The children must stay seated at the table.

You must arrive before 6:30pm, or you will lose your table.

You must leave when our booking expires at 10pm.

Can I pay in USD?

Yes, it's $10.


If I pay on the door, is it £7.50?

Yes. I know that's not quite as good as our USD price, but it's easier for us to handle £7.50 at the door than it is £6.50.

Do you take Credit Cards?

Not for tickets, no. It will be CASH ONLY at the door. .


Additionally will Pats merchandise be available to purchase on the night ?

We are waiting to hear from the Patriots whether or not they will bring anything from the Pro Shop. We will have a limited number of UKPatriots commemorative T-shirts going for a tenner.


There will be some great Pats Merchandise as raffle prizes. Your ticket will provide you with an automatic entry into the raffle, but you will also be able to buy further raffle tickets on the night.


Do I need ID ?

We are advising EVERYBODY to bring photo-id with them. This is for proof of age (under-18s are only admitted if pre-booked with their parents), and is also necessary for anybody collected pre-booked tickets at the door.

For ticket colleciton, photocopies will be fine (we don't want anyone llsing their passport). The legal drinking age in London is 18, but most London bars will ask for proof of age if you appear u-25. Originals will be needed if that is the case.


When will tickets be sent out ?

Any pre-paid tickets will be sent on Monday 19th October, provided that payment is received by midnight on Friday 16th October.


We will be too busy in the week running up to the game to take any further payments after next Friday, but will still take reservations for collection at the door up until midnight on Wednesday 21st. After that, we cannot accept any more registrations - you'll have to wait and take your chances at the door.

When can I collect them ?

You can collect tickets at the Sports Cafe at the following times:


Friday: 4pm – 7pm


Saturday: 3pm-6pm.


Any tickets not collected will go on public sale after 6pm Saturday.


Is this the whole Sports Cafe being shut off, or just the "team room"?

The whole venue is booked for our exclusive use until 10pm


Where exactly is the Sports Cafe?


80 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4TE


Nearest tubes: Piccadilly Circus, or alternatively Charing Cross / Leicester Sq.


Website: http://www.thesportscafe.net/

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