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  3. didnt you get the secret invite for the road trip thats BCD? meeting a whiskeys pre game
  4. So this isn't happening, right?
  5. It was the third step that got me, but I'm learning to be more careful! 🤣
  6. Just wanted to check in with you guys and see if anyone has any news regarding this year's trip
  7. I'm up for it - but it's probably easier for the drivers than the flyers
  8. I'd love to do the 49ers but, as you say, whether there are any games that we (or any fans) can attend remains to be decided
  9. i am sure Mandy will be in contact with the club to see whats available. as im sure you will know no one knows if any fans will be able to go to games and i am sure Mandy will update us when she know what is available
  10. Might be a bit too soon to ask (apologies if anyone is offended) but with the schedule being released my mind inevitably turns to the Road Trip. I’ve still not made one with you guys, but that doesn’t stop me trying each year. I just wondered what the chances were of there being a Road Trip at all this year? I keep reading that maybe September games will be behind closed doors, but nothing other than that. Otherwise a week in LA at the start of December for both the Chargers and Rams game looks very appealing. Other than that I hope you’re all well, keeping healthy and staying safe.
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